E cig has been widely accepted as the number one smoking device the world over. While there are several reasons why electronic cigarettes have swept even die hard smoking enthusiasts off their feet, the main reason for the same is cited as the numerous choices which e cigarettes provide to smokers. Let us take a closer look at these choices:

Choice to Smoke Cigarettes Everywhere

The first advantage is to provide freedom of choice with regards to smoking electronic cigarettes just about everywhere. Without a shadow of a doubt, you have the distinct possibility of smoking these even while you are on board a flight. Besides, you can easily smoke e cigs when you are shopping for clothes in a mall, taking a stroll in a park and also when you are at your office attending an important meeting with your boss.

Choice of Flavors

Whenever you are smoking e cigarettes, without a shadow of a doubt, you have the distinct advantage of choosing your own flavors. It has been noticed that even die hard smokers simply love the delicious flavors offered by the leading manufacturers of e cigarettes. You can choose from the traditional tobacco flavors, menthol, vanilla as well as chocolate, besides several others.

Choice of Nicotine Levels

The second advantage is the choice of nicotine levels. As compared to a traditional cigarette wherein you have no choice but to opt for the full nicotine strength, in e cigs you have the distinct advantage of choosing your own nicotine levels. So, you may choose from a 0mg nicotine strength electric cigarette to a full fledged 24mg flavored cartridge as well. The nicotine content is present in the small cartridge which is attached to the e cig, to make it fully functional in nature.

Choice of Saving Money

When compared to regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes come out to be cheaper options for the enthusiastic smoker. Without a shadow of a doubt, the fact remains that e cigarettes are one third the price of regular ones. On an avarage, a month’s supply of regular cigarettes would cost you $300 or even more, depending upon the amount you are habitual of smoking. On the other hand, a month’s supply of e cigs would cost you a meager $100 or even less.

So, if you really wish to live longer and enjoy a healthy life, you need to quit smoking today. In fact, you can now quit tobacco by using the easiest and safest smoking device, which also enjoys the highest success rate in the world— electronic cigarette.