E cigarette is a relatively new concept of smoking. According to this concept, which as most smokers here would agree, the idea of relishing smokeless cigarettes has become a reality. E cigarettes do not contain tobacco and hence, they are considered safer for the human health as well as for the environment.

They simply use a cartridge which is filled with liquid nicotine. This in turn is ignited with the aid of an atomizer. The end result is the transformation of e liquid into harmless water vapor, which helps provide the smoker with a “nicotine hit” and also ensures that the environment is safe and sound.

The E Liquid

The e liquid is in reality liquefied nicotine, which in turn is sold in the form of a bottle or cartridges that can be refilled. They are also sold as pre-filled cartridges that have the capacity to be disposed off.  These liquids are sold as “e-liquid”, “liquid nicotine” as well as “e-juice”. Nonetheless, most e liquids contain a solution which is comprised of propylene glycol, water vapor as well as flavors. The base is made from glycerin.

The Flavors

To ensure that smokers relish smoking electronic cigarettes, the manufacturers put delicious flavors in their cartridges. While there are several flavors available in the market, the most common ones include menthol as well as traditional tobacco. Certain flavors derived from food are also sold and these include cola, vanilla as well as coffee. A few exotic flavors such as the Boston cream pie are also available for some smoking enthusiasts.

Nicotine Strengths

While there are several nicotine levels available, most smokers choose the standard ones which are also present in regular cigarettes. Nonetheless, many have started smoking 0mg nicotine strength e cigs as well. Apparently, these are used by new smoking enthusiasts as well as those smokers who have quit smoking traditional cigarettes and are now seeking a milder version to satisfy their cravings. The low dose e cigs contains 6mg to 8mg of nicotine levels.

On the other hand, the high dose electronic cigarettes contain 24mg to 36 mg of nicotine levels. Hence, electric cigarettes prove to be the best option for those who really wish to smoke and live healthy for the rest of their lives.

So, if you really wish to live longer and enjoy a healthy life, you need to quit smoking today. In fact, you can now quit tobacco by using the easiest and safest smoking device, which also enjoys the highest success rate in the world— electronic cigarette.