E cigarettes have gained immense popularity in the past five years (officially introduced in the United States in the year 2007) and they have started to be reckoned as the single most active competitors to the market that was primarily dominated by traditional cigarettes. When you are out to buy an electronic cigarette, you realize that all of these devices are just the same- they have an atomizer, a battery as well as a refill cartridge. Nonetheless, when you are out to get hold of the best electronic cigarette, you need to pay particular attention towards the overall quality of the battery, the atomizer, the cartridge as well as the popularity of the e cigarette manufacturer. Besides, you could gather vital information on the flavors, the kind of nicotine strengths used, the customer service, as well as the overall cost of the starter kits or accessories, before finalizing on the best brand.

Here are a few tips to choose the best e cigarette:

Read E Cigarette Reviews

An e cigarette review is primarily written keeping in mind the details that a particular reader may have in mind regarding a particular brand of electric cigarettes. It is interesting to note that most e cig brands have a personality attached to their starter kits-especially the e cigarettes that are present in these starter kits. Most brands make sincere efforts to ensure that their smokeless devices resemble a real cigarette, which is why the color of most batteries is white and the color of the cartridge is brown. Apparently, the length of these electric cigarettes is also tapered to match the overall length of a regular cigarette. In fact, they even have a special LED light that glows when a user puffs on it. All these features allow you to experience the pleasures derived by smoking a real cigarette.

Incorporate E Cigarette Brands Checker

A good way to select the best e cig is to go after a brand that is quite popular and well known amongst the smoking community. Most brands that are within the top ten rankings worldwide are considered to be amongst the most suitable electric cigarette brands to opt for, while the remainder need to be chosen at your own risk. It is highly recommended that you spend some time online and browse through e cig review websites in a bid to gather more information on the top rated brands that are available internationally. You may then shortlist the top 3 brands and after comparing their reviews, select the one that is in sync with your persona the most.

Participate in E Cigarette Forum

In the year 2012, e cigs gained immense popularity, owing to which, more and more smoking enthusiasts started to make use of these devices and this in turn led to the formation of electronic cigarette forums. Smokers from all walks of lives interact with each other at these forums and exchange their ideas, personal experiences and offer suggestions pertaining to all possible aspects of e cigs. Hence, in order to get your hands onto the best electric cigarette, you should ideally participate in such forums and gather vital inputs on your starter kit or the e cig accessory of your choice.

Gather E Cigarette Liquid Facts

There are several e cigarette flavors available in the international market. These flavors include tobacco, vanilla, peppermint, chocolate and several others and the main reason behind the introduction of these flavors is to allow smokers to enjoy their favorite taste while allowing the smoker to experience the nicotine hit. So, in order to choose the best flavor, you need to first ascertain which flavor you like in the first place. If you are fond of chocolates, you need to opt for the chocolate flavored cartridge and if you like vanilla, you should opt for the vanilla flavored cartridge. After choosing the flavor, you need to select the nicotine strength, which ranges from low, medium, strong and extra strong varieties.

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E Cigarette Health Risk- Does it Really Exist?

If you are a user of electric cigarettes, you may have come across several articles on the web that discussed the possible health risks associated with electronic cigarettes. Nonetheless, do e cigs actually pose a health risk? To know the answer to this question, you need to dig deep and ascertain the contents present in an electric cigarette before coming to a conclusion. According to the latest reports, e cigs do not contain harmful chemicals, carcinogens and they are also devoid of the highly offensive second hand smoke. Nonetheless, they do contain nicotine, which is also the stimulant in this smokeless product. Hence, when compared with traditional cigarettes, these smokeless devices are safer.

E Cigarette Sale Statistics

After making an e cigarette comparison between the top 3 brands that you selected, you shall come to the conclusion that e cigarette safety is very much prevalent, owing to which, more and more smokers have started to switch over to these smoke free devices after having quit smoking traditional cigarettes permanently. If you take a close look at the statistical data, you shall realize that the sales of e cigs have increased several folds in the past five years, which is a clear indicator to the fact that these devices are slowly but steadily gaining respect as well as admiration from smokers.

E Cigarette Starter Kit Comparison

After having cross checked the customer service, the brand value, the battery life as well as the pricing schemes offered by several top electric cigarette brands, you need to make a final selection in terms of a suitable starter kit. Most brands offer starter kits that begin at $30 and go up to $200 or sometimes even more (in certain exceptional cases only). Hence, you need to keep in mind the pricing as well as the contents of the starter kit before you go all out and start to use one. Once again, e cigarette review is an ideal place to keep a close watch over various starter kits and after making a comparison, you can easily zero in on the most suitable one.


By following the above mentioned tips, you can easily hope to choose the most appropriate electric cigarette for yourself. Not only that, if in case you plan to gift a smokeless cigarette to your loved ones, you can once again follow the above mentioned steps and get hold of the most suitable e cig for your beloved friend or relative. Just remember that before gifting a smoke-free cigarette to your friend or relative, you need to make sure that you spend some time trying to ascertain the taste as well as flavors that your friend prefers. This would help you select the most apt smoke-free device for your friend.