E cigarette is a device which is known the world over as a smokeless cigarette. While there have been several speculations with regards of people smoking electronic cigarettes, the fact remains that many are still unaware of the benefits of smoking these devices. Apparently, the main reason why people smoke cigarettes is to satisfy their nicotine cravings, yet smoking regular cigarettes, have their drawbacks as well.

e cigarette myths busted

For a start, the tobacco smoke which emits from cigarettes, is fatal in nature and has been known to cause severe diseases such as cancer, cardiac arrests, chronic respiratory infections as well as multiple organ failures. This is one of the main reasons why smokers nowadays prefer smoking electric cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes. The doubts which people still harbor about e cigarettes still need to be rectified as correct and accurate knowledge plays a major role in ensuring that the smoker is able to enjoy a thrilling smoke at all times.

This is apparently the main reason why people from all walks of life would like to gather as many facts as possible on e cigarettes before they make a final switch. For a starter, people who smoke e cigarettes should realize that now they are smoking tobacco free cigarettes, which are also smokeless in nature. Hence, by smoking e cigarettes, you would be spared from the evil second hand smoke and you shall also have the distinct advantage of ensuring that you do not pollute the environment any longer by stopping the releaseĀ  of toxic gasses.

E cigarettes are also preferred for the very simple reason that they are cheaper when compared to regular cigarettes. The fact remains that when you smoke electric cigarettes, you have the added benefit of saving several thousand dollars annually. On the other hand, when you smoke regular cigarettes, you end up spending a bomb in return. So, when you start making use of the savings calculator, you shall come to understand that by making a switch to e cigarettes, you are actually saving 75% of your original cost.

Last but not the least, when you start smoking e cigs, you have the added benefit of choosing your nicotine strength. You can choose from amongst zero nicotine strength e cigarettes to the full fledged ones. This allows you to have a complete control on your nicotine levels and makes sure that you are never really allowed to fall in the trap of having to smoke full nicotine strength e cigarettes.