E cigarette has always interested smokers in their millions. Not only are they keen to make a switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to regular ones, the fact remains that unless and until electronic cigarettes had the mettle to prove it to the world that they are undoubtedly the best in the business, why would die hard chain smokers choose to opt for it in the very first place. This is a question which each and every individual needs to answer in the very first place. Nonetheless, there are a few who feel that e cigarettes do have their share of side effects. Let us find out if this is really true:

First of all, it is a well known fact that people feel e cigarette is a rather mysterious device. Well, this is not at all true for the very simple reason that these devices are very well known to people all over the world, widely used by both chain smokers as well as newbies and understood by most who are aware of its existence that they are definitely safer when compared to tobacco cigarettes. So, without a shadow of a doubt, the fact remains that these devices cannot be termed as mysterious or hazardous in any way.

Second, the issues raised by the FDA regarding the health compliance of e cigs are valid only to the extent of these devices being completely tested and then analyzed by a series of research studies and scientific evaluations. In a recent incident, the FDA lost a court case against a brand of e cigarette, with regards to labeling it in the same category as tobacco products. This once again proves that even the court of law approves of this miraculous device that can help smokers in quitting tobacco altogether.

Third, when it comes to safety issues regarding e cigs, it would not be incorrect to state that e cigs have been tested several times over and the only content which can come under the scanner of critics is nicotine. Nonetheless, these devices allow you to choose your nicotine levels prior to you using them. In a nutshell, you have the distinct advantage of smoking a tobacco free cigarette and also choosing your nicotine level. In fact, you have the advantage of smoking a 0mg nicotine e cigarette as well. In fact, a recent New Zealand study revealed that although electric cigarettes did contain carcinogens, they were well within the permissible levels.

So, if you also want to get your hands on the best electronic cigarette brands and join the crusade against a tobacco free world, switch to e cigarettes instead of the regular ones TODAY.