E cigarette is undoubtedly the next big thing to have happened in the smoking world. Not only are e cigarettes being smoked by millions of users the world over, the fact remains that without a shadow of a doubt those individuals who would like to make a permanent switch from tobacco are appreciating these devices the most. Nonetheless, for a new beginner, the concept of smoking an electronic cigarette as well as the decision to choose the appropriate brand is a difficult one. Here are some steps which can help resolve this issue for the new smokers:

# The first step is to ensure that you understand what an e cig is. Well, in simple words, this is a device which uses an electric battery and a cartridge filled with liquid nicotine to ensure that a smoker enjoys the much needed “nicotine hit”. Over here, the concept of using tobacco is a taboo. This is why, e cigarettes are smokeless and devoid of most chemicals and toxins that are present in tobacco.

# The second step is to learn the art of choosing the best e cig brand amongst the boundless. For this very reason, you would be required to spend some time researching and analyzing the top ten selling brands and ensuring that you make a note of which brand is placed on top and which is not. Look at the top review websites and see which ones have kept a particular brand on top and which have not. Apparently, the 2011 statistical data shows that the V2 Cigs E Cigarette brand is supposed to be the best in the world.

# Third, you should be aware that e cigarettes are money saving devices. They cost one third the price of regular cigarettes and hence, for the budget conscious consumers, they prove to be a boon. Hence, if you are purchasing regular cigarettes and spending $300 a month, you shall spend less than $100 monthly on e cig refills. This implies that your savings are rather high.

# Fourth, you should take care of your cartridge. Choose a flavor which you like and once the cartridge is over, simply place an order for a refill. Besides refilling the cartridge, there is no other special care that is required from your end to ensure that your e cigs have a long life.

To get your hands on the best electronic cigarette and to join the crusade against a tobacco free world, switch to electronic cigarettes instead of the regular ones TODAY.