There have been several debates regarding the concept of electronic cigarettes being considered as a safe bet over the traditional cigarettes that are filled with tobacco. It is absolutely correct in saying that smoking e cigs is safe for the health of humans as compared to smoking the traditional tobacco filled cigarettes that are both expensive as well as difficult to stomach owing to the harmful carcinogens that are present in them. The chemicals that are released from tobacco smoke are so harsh and harmful that you simply cannot escape their side effects. The smoker, more often than not, suffers from cancer of the mouth, the lungs, cardiac issues, miscarriages as well as chronic respiratory infections on a regular basis. Besides spoiling the health of the smoker and endangering his/her life, tobacco smoke also puts the life of the passive smoker at severe risk.

It not only ensures that the passive smoker is infected with toxic fumes each time a smoker smokes a cigarette, the tobacco content present in the air causes even more severe infections to those who inhale it without smoking it. Hence, passive smokers who apparently have no hand in this act are prone to severe repercussions simply because a few smokers are smoking harmful tobacco filled cigarettes for their own pleasure. Nonetheless, there are a few individuals who would like to downplay electric cigarette smoking for the simple reason that it benefits them monetarily in some way or the other and the most prominent of the lot are those who are die hard tobacco lobbyists. Regardless of the criticism which e cigs receive from such quarters, both law as well as the general public are aware of their rights and also of the fact that smoking electronic cigarettes does not cause any harm to the physical health of the individual who smokes as well as the health of the passive smoker.

The biggest advantage of smoking e cigs is the absence of smoke production in their use. Electronic cigarettes are devoid of tobacco, which in turn ensures that they never pollute the earth’s atmosphere in any way. On the contrary, tobacco smoke pollutes the air in a severe form and causes the depletion of the ozone layer. If this is allowed to proceed, there would be large hole in the ozone layer, which in turn would cause severe health issues to all living beings on this planet. So, undoubtedly these ‘smokeless wonders’ called electric cigarettes are considered to be the safest for our planet.