Smoking is a habit which is terribly difficult to break and despite people trying to quit smoking regular cigarettes, more often than not, chain smokers continue doing so till the very last day of their life. This clearly states that quitting smoking is not at all an easy task and that it cannot be accomplished so easily, as most people may think. Nonetheless, the fact remains that people from all walks of lives are simply unable to quit smoking cigarettes regardless of the fact that they have been trying in vain to quit smoking by spending a lot of their hard earned money on “quit smoking” aids as well as ample amounts of time in diverting their energies in a bid to quit smoking cigarettes permanently. Nonetheless, despite making use of nicotine patches as well as gum, the fact remains that in most cases the concerned individual is simply unable to quit smoking cigarettes and leads an unhealthy life till his very last breath.

Nonetheless, the past four years have been considered as a boon for the smoking enthusiasts the world over. This is simply because smoking enthusiasts from across the globe have come to realize the immense potential of a device that can help the smoking individual to fulfill his daily nicotine urges without hampering his health in an adverse manner. This device is known as an electronic cigarette. As the name suggests, this device is completely devoid of tobacco content and is therefore considered quite safe for human consumption. At the same time, it has been proven time and again that an e cigarette is completely smoke free in nature, as this device does not need the use of a match to function. Nonetheless, with the aid of an electric cigarette, the concerned end user does have the immense privilege of ensuring that his nicotine urge is met with completely and that the fact remains that he is able to do so without endangering his overall health in any manner.

As per the latest statistical survey, it has been clearly revealed that an e cig is slowly but steadily overtaking traditional cigarettes. Apparently, owing to the lack of tobacco content as well as the lack of second hand smoke, these devices have captivated the likes of both new as well as veteran chain smokers from across the globe. Apparently, the smoking industry, which was earlier dominated by tobacco cigars, is now getting lured by e cigs. Not only are new smokers being lured into smokeless smoking, the fact remains that even those smokers who have been smoking tobacco cigarettes for several years have been lured into smoking e cigarettes. When interviewed, most chain smokers were of the opinion that they cherished smoking regular cigarettes, yet when they puffed on an electric cigarette, they realized the true potential of this device and managed to make a permanent switch without having to worry too much in the act.

Not only do electronic cigarettes contain very less amounts of chemicals and absolutely no carcinogens, they also happen to be way cheaper than regular cigarettes. As per the latest statistical reports, it was ascertained that a smoker can save over 80% of the original monthly bill by making a permanent switch to puffing on an electric cigarette. This is undoubtedly a suitable option, which is also safer in comparison to regular cigarettes, for the budget conscious smoker.