Taking good care of your E Cigs can actually help in ensuring that your E Cigarette kit lasts for a long time. E Cigs can prove to be a suitable replacement for the unhealthy regular cigarettes which can cause lung and mouth cancer. But how to look after your E Cigs to ensure that they last a lifetime?

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Well, here are a few tips:

# First of all, you need to remember that when you use your E Cigarette for a prolonged time period, it has a tendency to produce a lot less vapor. This happens because the residue of your electronic cigarette clogs the atomizer. So, you need to clean the device regularly and keep it dry at all times.

# The second tip to keep your E Cig in perfect order is to place your atomizer onto a clean and dry towel and place it upside down. This helps ensuring that no liquid is permitted to remain within the atomizer. You may leave your atomizer upside down at night and when you wake up the next morning, you would notice traces of liquid onto your dry towel.

# You may also clean the atomizer by clutching it with a pair of tweezers and hold it under running water. Make sure that the water is warm. Then you need to place the atomizer on top of a clean and dry towel and allow it to dry overnight.

# You need to ensure that your electronic cigarette is functioning to the best of its ability and is permitted to have a long shelf life. For this, you should avoid pouring excess e-liquid into its chamber. Too much liquid would never increase the total number of puffs. On the contrary, it would simply spoil even the best electronic cigarette.

# Allow the atomizer to start functioning properly after you have cleansed it under running water. For this very purpose, you need to take at least forty drags. This is essential for ensuring that the wick starts absorbing the liquid again.

# Last but not the least, you need to keep all parts of your electronic cigarette completely dry and never allow water to enter the battery. If water enters the battery, it may spoil the pressure switch. Once that happens, whatever warranty on the battery your e cigarette provider may have promised at the time of selling it to you would stand null and void. So, take some time and clean both ends of the battery properly.

Your E Cigs are a healthy way to maintain your smoking habit. If you want that your E Cig lasts longer and allows you to enjoy more puffs, you need to go through the top E Cigarette Brands as compiled by our expert review panel just for YOU!

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