An electronic cigar, as the name suggests, is a device, which is quite different from a regular cigar, yet it manages to meet all the essential requirements that are accomplished by using the regular variety. An electronic cigar is a device that contains the chosen levels of nicotine and it permits smokers to experience the “nicotine hit” without causing the usual harm that is usually associated with a traditional cigar. The main reason behind the lack of harm caused by the smokeless cigar is the lack of tobacco content in it. Besides, the thousands of highly toxic chemicals that are usually present in a regular cigar are missing from an electric one.Electronic Cigar

Components of an Electronic Cigar

Just like any other ordinary cigar, an electronic cigarette cigar too is similar in appearance and it seems no different than its original cousin. Nonetheless, its components are absolutely different from the original product. This simply implies that the materials present in this device are quite the opposite of the components that are present in the traditional material. So, what all are the components that make an e cigar function and behave just like the traditional ones?

The three main components:

The Atomizer: This is the first important product that allows this smokeless device to function like a real one. This functions as a suitable mechanism for igniting the liquid nicotine and producing harmless water vapor in the form of emissions.

The Cartridge: This is the second component and it contains the actual arsenal, which smokers require to relish the nicotine hit. In simpler words, the cartridge contains liquid nicotine, which in turn is considered a vital ingredient in allowing this device to function in its complete entirety.

The Battery: How would this electrical device function if it does not have a battery in place? Well, it needs power to function and this is what the battery supplies. It powers the device and allows it to function in an appropriate manner.

Electronic Cigar Humidifier

Also known as an e cigar humidor, the need for a humidifier is considered vital to maintain as well as enhance the overall shelf life of an electric cigar. The basic functionality of this device is to ensure that the cigars retain their moisture content and manage to remain free from the dangers associated with premature drying. This device manages to maintain the required levels of humidity in your cigar storage chamber. Water cartridges or propylene glycol reservoirs are mainly used in electronic humidifiers. Always make sure that your humidifier should be in sync with the size of your humidor. If the size of your humidifier is smaller than the size of your humidor, then the correct moisture levels cannot be maintained. This would result in dry electric cigars. On the other hand, if the size of your humidifier is too large for your humidor, then the moisture levels would be excessive and hence, the resultant would be cigars with excessive moisture content.

Why Opt for Humidifiers?

Humidifiers are considered essential if you wish to prolong the life span of your e cigar and also to maintain the correct moisture content in your electric cigar. While making a purchase, always go through the capacity rating charts. This would help you take the correct decision. In order to ensure that you are able to gauge the humidity levels of your storage unit, you need to get hold of a hygrometer. Without this device, you shall never really be able to gauge the humidity levels in your storage device and hence, you shall have to function on the basis of your instincts and experience to achieve your aim. A unit that permits you to gauge the water status and indicates a low water level is best suited for your cigar storage unit.

Electronic Cigar Review

An electronic cigar review is compiled by a team of expert research analysts to ensure that smokers who are interested in puffing tobacco free cigars are provided with vital information on each and every brand that is dealing in the manufacturing of this product. An e cigar review allows smoking enthusiasts to choose the brand that suits their tastes the most and avoids those manufacturing brands that are not appropriate for smokers.

Electronic Cigar Brands

Electronic cigar brands are plenty and readily available in the international market. While several top brands offer a proper cigar kit, they have also made available disposable cigars, which usually allow the smoking enthusiast to puff over 1800 times in a single go and cost well within the $20 mark. A few top electronic cigar brands 2012 that manufacture e cig cigars include Gamucci and PureSmoker.

Electronic Cigar Kit

The e cigar kit includes a battery, a nicotine strength cartridge, wherein you also choose the flavor and in some cases, an atomizer. Some e cigar kits permit smokers to select the design as well as the color of their batteries and most of these kits cater to all categories of smoking enthusiast.

Electronic Cigar Price

The price of e cigars is reasonable and undoubtedly much less than the price of a single traditional cigar. On an average, a single piece costs less than $25 and provides about 1800 puffs to the end user. It is interesting to note that the average price of a high quality Cuban cigar would be $50 or more.

Electronic Cigar Amazon

E cigar Amazon is a popular place for making a successful purchase and smokers usually make use of this platform for getting hold of their choicest devices. Amazon e cigarette is available at discounted pricing. Over here, the quality of the product is never compromised upon.

Electronic Cigar Cuban

E Cigar Cuban is a very popular variety as this cigar derives its taste and flavor from the world famous and best selling Cuban varieties. The tobacco flavored cigar costs $20 and it permits smokers to puff this device over 1500 times.

Electronic Cigar Lighter

Unlike regular cigars that need a high powered lighter to ignite, an e cigarette cigar does not need a lighter. Hence, it is a much more convenient device to use.

After reading this article, you must have understood what an electric cigar is and how it operates.