An electronic cigarette is different from a regular cigarette, although it resembled the latter quite a lot. With the rise on the total number of smoking individuals the world over, the fact remains that tobacco smoke needs to be replaced with a device which is free from tobacco yet fulfilling in terms of providing a thrilling taste to the concerned smoking individual. This is where an electronic cigarette fits perfectly into the picture. Over here, it needs to be first fully comprehended that an e cigarette is devoid of tobacco and it also does not give rise of the offensive second hand smoke. This is one of the main reasons why this device is preferred by millions of chain smokers the world over.

While this smokeless device is fast catching the likes of millions of smokers the world over, the ones who really wish to continue smoking cigarettes without actually getting bothered by the adverse health effects caused by tobacco, makes a switch to e cigarettes more often. It needs to be noted that e cigs can be smoked freely in public places for the very simple reason that they do not emit smoke. Operated with the aid of a battery, it needs to be noted that these devices do not require the need for a match to light and can therefore be operated without the aid of a matchbox. This is also one of the main reasons why smokers prefer smoking e cigs to the regular varieties.

It is interesting to note that the main reason why smokers like e cigs is because they prove to be a perfect gift item for all. Even those people who would like their friends or family members to give up smoking cigarettes prefer gifting them with smokeless cigarettes so as to ensure that chain smokers give up their bad habit and adopt a safer and a better smoking method. It is also interesting to note that people from all walks of lives prefer smoking only those cigarettes which are available in interesting gift wraps and those which can be smoked freely in public places. Often considered the perfect X’Mas gift, e cigarettes are undoubtedly the most sought after smoking devices which the world cannot live without.

In the recent past, there have been several instances wherein gifting of e cigs has become synonymous to helping chain smokers get rid of their awful habit of smoking cigarettes laden with the deadly tobacco content.