Electronic cigarette is a device which looks and feels and even tastes like a regular cigarette but is not a replica of the traditional varieties. The reality is that e cigarettes are quite different from the regular ones you may be used to smoking on a daily basis. To start with, these devices are powered with the aid of an electronically charged battery. So here, you do not need to strike a match and then light this cigarette. What you need to do is to simply plug the charger and allow the battery to get fully charged, after which, you simply screw it to the cartridge and start to smoke.

electronic cigarette basics

An electric cigarette does not contain tobacco and this is apparently one of the main reasons why it is liked by smokers as well as non smokers from all over the world. Besides, these devices are smoke free in nature. This implies that as against the highly toxic smoke and gases which emit when you smoke a regular cigarette, an e cig never emits smoke which can be termed as offensive in nature. On the contrary, the cloud which you may see emitting from the corners of the mouth of an individual who smokes these devices is in reality, harmless water vapor.

So, if you are considering steering clear of offensive smoke or keeping the environment neat and clean, you should ideally use e cigarettes instead of the regular ones. When the discussion is on the basic components of an electronic cigarette, then without a shadow of a doubt, you need to know more about them.

Well to be very honest, this is no rocket science as there are only three basic components which make an electric cigarette function. The first is an atomizer, the second is the cartridge and the third is the battery. The atomizer is used for igniting the e-liquid which is present in the cartridge, while the battery acts as a power supply, allowing the atomizer to do its job in a flawless manner.

Herbert A. Gilbert is considered to be the original founder of electric cigarettes. He introduced this concept in the year 1963. Nonetheless, e cigarettes started being used the world over only in the year 2003, when Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, launched the first electric cigarette and made it available for sale. Electronic cigarettes received its first international patent in the year 2007 and have never looked back ever since.