Electronic cigarette is a different kind of a cigarette. When you compare it with a regular cigarette, you would realize that an e cigarette is smokeless and completely devoid of tobacco. This is what differentiates an electric cigarette from a regular cigarette. A regular cigarette on the other hand contains tobacco and they are also known to produce clouds after clouds of toxic fumes that are considered fatal for the human lungs and they are also disastrous for the environment as a whole. No wonder, smokers in their millions are now making a permanent switch to smoking e cigarettes as they are both tobacco free as well as free from the toxic fumes which regular cigarettes often boast of possessing.

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While these two differentiating factors play a major role in ensuring that e cigs become the favorite of the masses, another lesser known fact which needs a special mention with regards to e cigarettes is their affordable pricing.  An average electronic cigarette costs much less than a regular cigarette. While an average cigarette pack costs $7 in the United States, an e cigarette cartridge would cost $3 on an average and both would last you the same amount of time. This is where an e cigarette would actually help you save 75% or even more of your hard earned income.

On an average, an American spends $300 a month on smoking regular cigarettes. When he starts to smoke electronic cigarettes, he would simply spend one third that amount. The only investment that he needs to make is in the form of a starter kit which contains a battery, a USB charger, a car charger, a wall mounted charges, and a user manual. Nonetheless, an average starter kit of an electric cigarette is not at all an expensive affair and you can easily hope to avail it within $100. This cost can easily be recovered at warp speed and thereafter, you shall be in profit as your savings would simply keep on increasing with each passing day.

Smoking cigarettes is a fun activity for some while for most it is an essential part of their lives. In such a scenario, care needs to be taken to ensure that the concerned smoking individual is provided with all essential tools which can help him smoke a healthy device and also help him save his hard earned money. Both these points can easily be accomplished when he starts smoking electronic cigarettes and quits smoking the expensive and potentially harmful tobacco cigarettes.