An electronic cigarette is very different from the usual traditional cigarettes, which people smoke on a daily basis. Apparently, as compared to regular cigarettes, an electronic cigarette is not only different in shape and size, but it is also poles apart when the question revolves around comparing it with the overall functionality of both these devices. While a regular cigarette cannot be considered as a device, an electronic cigarette is a device, which solely operates with the aid of a battery. This battery can be recharged and it is known to last for a relatively long time period.

electronic cigarette is a perfect gift item

While regular cigarettes are considered a taboo, electronic cigarettes are considered a perfect gift  item for the concerned smoker who would like to smoke cigarettes or is habitual of smoking cigarettes on a daily basis. Ideally, an electric cigarette is considered best suited for an individual who is aspiring to smoke cigarettes but is not ready to accept the hassles of acquiring the fatal diseases, which are usually linked to tobacco cigarettes. It has been well known and is also an accepted fact that people from all walks of lives who smoke cigarettes, have been known to suffer from several fatal diseases such as cancer, cardiac arrests as well as chronic respiratory infections.

To avoid such infections, people from all walks of lives especially chain smokers have begun smoking smokeless cigarettes instead of the normal ones. These smokeless cigarettes are free from tobacco and as the name well suggests, they are free from the offensive second hand smoke as well. This is what allows smoking enthusiasts to fulfill their smoking desires without inhaling the offensive tobacco smoke in return. At the same time, it has been noticed that an electric cigarette acts as a perfect gift item for an individual whom you like the most.

An e cigarette functions as a suitable gift item for the very simple reason that it permits people to present an option which is different from regular cigarettes and also free from the offensive second hand smoke, to those individuals who simply cannot hope to pass a day without their daily dose of cigarettes. If you really want to help a chain smoker recover from his awful habit and be saved from the chronic ailments which come along with a regular cigarette pack, you need to gift an e cig and allow your friend to recover. By gifting an e cigarette, you are actually helping a chain smoker quit smoking permanently.