As per a research finding, it was ascertained that an electronic cigarette was as harmful as drinking a cup of coffee. This is seemingly an ironic statement which most critics would use while compiling their write-ups while degrading a product or a service which somehow managed to achieve the heights of success. With electric cigarettes, the same rule implies but the reason why critics failed to find any reason to put forth their protests was simply because e cigs never gave any reason for complain. The presence of carcinogens in the manufacturing of a tobacco filled cigarette exceeds forty in number and this in turn leads to the release of hundreds of toxic chemicals in the earth’s atmosphere. When such chemicals are unleashed into the earth’s atmosphere, the fact remains that people are stricken with cancer, cardiac arrests and several chronic diseases which are related to the respiratory tract including chronic asthma.

Owing to these reasons, the government of several nations called for a unanimous ban on the smoking of tobacco cigarettes in a bid to safeguard the health of the nation as well as for ensuring the safety of the environment. This is when electric cigarettes came into existence and became the hot favorite of all chain smokers from across the globe. The main reason why e cigs became popular was simply because they had no tobacco and they never produced any smoke. So, they were safe for human consumption as compared to normal cigarettes and were perfect for those who wished to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and shift to a safer alternative instead. Electric cigarettes which run on electric chargers not only ensure that you are able to smoke legally in public places; you also save yourself from the menace of bad breath, tar and smoke. Ironically, smoking an e cig is as harmful as drinking a cup of coffee.