Smoking cigarettes is a normal activity for many individuals the world over. While most people are habitual of smoking cigarettes on a daily basis and often one pack of cigarettes is smoked by an individual daily, the fact remains that more often than not this habit magnifies to such a proportion wherein the concerned smoker is known to be smoking over three to five packs of cigarettes daily. Such smoking enthusiasts can also be termed as die hard chain smokers. While smoking is often touted as an awful habit, which should be best avoided, the fact remains that in order to quit smoking regular cigarettes, the concerned individual needs to really make immense efforts and in most cases, it is simply impossible to quit smoking regardless of the kinds of methods the end user is habitual of incorporating in his/her life in a bid to achieve his/her goals.

While smoking does cause chronic ailments such as cancer, diseases of the heart, issues with the respiratory tract as well as several other fatal diseases, the fact remains that chain smokers still cannot quit smoking regular cigarettes. Apparently, the nicotine dependency is so high that nothing actually helps smoking enthusiasts to quit smoking cigarettes and hence, despite being fully aware of the dangers involved, they continue to smoke cigarettes on a regular basis. This is when the need of the hour is to launch a product which permits smoking enthusiasts to fulfill their daily smoke without causing the permanent damage which is usually related to smoking regular cigarettes. One such device which scores a home run is an electronic cigarette. Not only is it similar to a regular cigarette, it also manages to fulfill the basic as well as the advanced needs of a smoking enthusiast at all times.

An e cigarette is a device which is mainly used by smokers as it helps them quit smoking cigarettes. Apparently, the main reason why smokers are now opting for electric cigarettes and most have made this their New Year resolution as well, is because an e cig does not contain tobacco and it is also completely smoke free in nature. At the same time, this device is almost similar to a regular cigarette, with the only visible difference being the length, which in most cases is a few millimeters longer than a traditional cigarette. Nonetheless, leaving this aside, all other features are inherent in an e cig, which smoking enthusiasts usually find in regular cigarettes only.  Hence, while smoking these devices, the concerned individual does not feel odd and neither does he/she have any inhibitions in displaying this device in full public.

The New Year has already begun and several enthusiasts have taken wows to do something or the other positive in their lives. Undoubtedly, this also includes the intention of millions of smoking enthusiasts to quit smoking permanently and seek a suitable alternative instead. Such an alternative is in the form of an electronic cigarette. Hence, of all New Year resolutions for the year 2012, the plan to quit smoking and use e cigarettes is undoubtedly one of the most prominent ones at present. Not only have millions of chain smokers taken up this New Year resolution very seriously, many have even begun following its footsteps from the first day of the new month. While smoking an electric cigarette is a simpler and a safer option, the fact remains that this option also happens to be a cheaper one, especially when a comparison is made between a regular cigarette and an e cig.


As per the statistical data, an e cig is supposed to be one third the price of an original cigarette. Hence, when you make a permanent switch to smoking an e cig, not only do you end up saving your health from getting further deteriorated, you also end up getting your hard earned money from getting unnecessarily spent. So, if you are habitual of spending $350 on the purchase of regular cigarettes monthly, then when you make a switch to electronic cigarettes, you shall end up spending just $100 monthly, or even less, depending completely upon your personal usage. It has also been noticed that the only initial investment which needs to be done is in the form of a starter kit, which apparently lasts a lifetime if used properly. Hence, the benefits of making a permanent switch to smoking an electric cigarette is far greater than smoking regular cigarettes, which apparently, people from all walks of lives, especially chain smokers, have now come to realize.