There are over a billion people in the world, who love to smoke cigarettes on a daily basis. It has also been assessed that with each passing day, the total number of smokers is also on the rise and soon, the two billion mark shall be achieved. Nonetheless, the fact remains that smoking regular cigarettes that are filled with tobacco is considered to be fatal for the human body and this is why most smoking enthusiasts are seeking an alternative, which is both safer and fulfilling in nature. This is when an electronic cigarette fits into the picture. An e cigarette is a battery operated device, which is completely devoid of tobacco and it is also supposed to be free from the offensive smoke that is usually associated with regular cigarettes.

A regular cigarette contains over 4000 toxic chemicals which are considered to cause immense harm to the human body. Of these, over 67 have been termed as carcinogens, which are capable of causing cancer. Hence, each time you light a regular cigarette, you are releasing over 4000 toxic chemicals into your lungs and also into the atmosphere. While some researchers are of the belief that only 42 carcinogens are present in a regular cigarette, other state that over 100 carcinogens are present within the cigarette body. Nonetheless, the fact remains that anywhere between 42 to 100 carcinogens are always present in a single tobacco cigarette. This is an alarming figure as carcinogens are cancer causing and they are also responsible for most deaths in smokers.

Electric cigarette is a device which is manufactured in such a manner that the end user has the ability to simply recharge a battery and puff, instead of smoke. An e cigarette contains a small reservoir, which is filled with liquid nicotine. When an end user puffs on the e cig, what is emitted from the device is liquid vapor, which is considered quite harmless as compared to the offensive second hand smoke emitting from regular cigarettes. While electric cigarettes were introduced only four years ago, they have indeed ruled the roost and have managed to win the support of millions of smoking enthusiasts the world over. It has now been predicted that the year 2012 would prove to be of immense success for e cigarettes and more and more smokers would make a permanent switch to smoking e cigs instead of the deadly regular ones.

An atomizer, a battery as well as a cartridge are the main components of an electronic cigarette. While the battery can be recharged, the cartridge in most cases can be refilled and hence, re-used. The atomizer on the other hand, works as a heating element and is responsible for converting the liquid nicotine present in the cartridge into harmless water vapor. All these components are present and then marketed in the form of a starter kit. Apparently, the starter kit also contains a user manual, which helps first time users to gather all essential facts pertaining to an electric cigarette besides letting them know how to use and take good care of this smokeless device. Apparently, it is the lack of tobacco content in an electric cigarette, which makes this device smokeless in nature. In order to ensure that e cigarettes look trendy, they are being manufactured in various shapes and sizes. In fact, several e cigs are as long a regular cigarette as well.

The biggest reason why even die hard chain smokers are making a permanent switch to smoking electronic cigarettes is because these devices cost one third the price of regular cigarettes. In simple words, if you spend $300 a month on regular cigarettes, you shall end up spending only $100 a month, when you make a switch to an e cigarette. This is undoubtedly quite beneficial for the budget conscious smokers. The only initial expense is in the form of a starter kit. Nonetheless, this kit can be used for a lifetime and therefore, the cost is well taken care off and soon recovered by the concerned smoker. The liquid nicotine content present in an e cig also proves to be a perfect quit smoking aid for those chain smokers who would love to get rid of their bad habit permanently. In fact, smoking enthusiasts have the privilege of choosing their nicotine levels and they also have an option of choosing the zero milligram nicotine strength cartridges, if they like.

In the year 2012, more and more people are likely to make a switch to smoking e cigarettes. These devices are undoubtedly considered safer than regular cigarettes and they are being chosen by chain smokers as a suitable alternative to the deadly tobacco filled cigarettes.