Electronic Cigarette Safety Warning

According to the Local Government Association, “The rise in the cases of electronic cigarette kits being sold, should call for certain regulations. This is a cause for concern.” Apparently, the growing popularity of e cigarettes have forced governing bodies to look up and take notice of this unprecedented event, thereby triggering a debate on regulations being imposed on this vaping device. As per fire bosses, it seems evident that the rise in the total number of burn cases owing to e cig malfunctions should result in e cigs having safety signs on them. According to the data collected from Freedom of Information, it was ascertained that e cig starter kits, batteries, as well as their chargers, were directly responsible for causing almost 200 fires in the past 2 years. While this figure is a midget in comparison to thousands of gutted houses each year caused by tobacco cigarettes, it is still a cause for concern.

Electronic Cigarette Safety Warning

Electronic Cigarette Safety Warning

When data was collected from forty three fire stations in the United Kingdom, it was ascertained that in the year 2012, only 8 fire incidences pertaining to electronic cigarettes were reported but in the year 2013, the figure of such incidences had risen to forty three. In the year 2014, the fire department has received as many as 62 cases of fire caused by electric cigarettes. It has also been reported that a vast majority of incidences occur owing to faulty battery or incompatible chargers. In the month of August, a sixty two year old individual lost his life while charging his e cig battery. It was stated that as he was charging his battery, it exploded and the oxygen equipment that has habitual of using, ignited, causing fire.

Views on E Cig Safety Warnings

LGA’s Fire Services Management Committee, chairman, Jeremy Hilton, is of the opinion that owing to the increase in the number of smokers switching to electronic cigarettes, the cases of fires too are increasing. He went on to say, “We are not certain about the exact figures, as often people do not report such cases to us. We are therefore urging e cig companies to ensure that they have clear labels on their devices, stating the incompatibility of a charger or a battery with another brand. If we are not careful, this could get dangerous and fatalities may increase.” We therefore suggest that instead of saving a few pounds, it is viable to opt for those chargers or batteries that are compatible with your chosen brand of vapor cigarettes.”

E Cig Safety Warning

Burnt E Cig Charger

Electrical Safety First, a charitable organization too has looked into the rising cases of fire caused by water vapor cigarettes. Their spokesperson, Emma Apter says, “We are worried at the rise in the incidences of fire caused by water vapor cigarettes. It has been noticed that incorrect procedure involved in charging an e cigarette battery can prove to be deadly. It is therefore important that steps are taken to educate the general public on how to use these vaping devices in a safe and trouble free manner. Knowledge about incompatible chargers needs to be imparted to smokers. It is therefore advisable to use company manufactured chargers and avoid going for cheap chargers that are readily available in the local market.”

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Electronic Cigarette Safety Warnings May Finally See the Light of the Day
The growing popularity of e cigarettes have forced governing bodies to look up and take notice of this unprecedented event, thereby triggering a debate on regulations pertaining to 'Electronic Cigarette Safety Warnings' being imposed on this vaping device.