Electronic cigarette is a device that is smoked by the end user and has the ability to ensure that it does not produce any smoke while the process of smoking is taking place. This is one of the main reasons why people from all walks of life have started preferring smoking e cigarettes as compared to their traditional cousins-the tobacco cigarettes. At the same time, the fact remains that people from all walks of life have begun to understand that electronic cigarettes are far better than smoking regular cigarettes.

This is for the very simple reason that these devices are completely devoid of tobacco, which as you all may be aware, is a highly toxic product that is capable of causing chronic harm to your health. Tobacco is a silent killer and is known to take one in every ten deaths annually across the globe. It is very evident that the main reason why people die when they smoke cigarettes is simply because they are stricken by chronic ailments such as cancer, cardiac arrests, chronic respiratory ailments and diseases that threaten to stop the functionality of all vital organs present in the human body. In a nutshell, tobacco is a silent killer.

As e cigarettes do not contain any trace of tobacco, the fact remains that they are safer in comparison. Nonetheless, they do contain nicotine, which in turn is present in a liquid form and is considered “ok” to be consumed. Apparently, this liquid is ignited to form harmless water vapor through the aid of an atomizer that is attached to the body of an e cig. So, the fumes which you see emitting from the corners of the mouths of smokers are not the deadly smoke which emits when a smoker smokes a regular cigarette. In reality, it is simply harmless water vapor, which is formed when liquid nicotine is ignited.

When the question revolves around any possibility of adverse side effects that are attached to smoking an electric cigarette then the fact remains that smoking these cannot be termed as dangerous in any manner. Nonetheless, nicotine is addictive in nature and is present in e cigarettes. Here too, you are provided with a solution, which is in the form of variable nicotine strengths. This implies that you have the distinct choice of choosing your nicotine level before you actually get down to smoking these devices. In case you wish to be completely free from nicotine, you have the privilege of smoking the zero nicotine strength cigarettes as well.