Electronic cigarette is a device which does not contain tobacco and it also does not emit smoke. This is one of the main reasons why e cigarettes have been considered as an ultimate alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. While there are several speculations pertaining to smoking these smokeless devices, with most allegations being accrued by the tobacco lobby, the fact remains that e cigs have come out as a clear winner when the question revolves around using a device which is clean, non-toxic and non-polluting in nature. This statement holds true especially when a direct comparison is made between e cigs and tobacco cigarettes.

Apparently, the might of electric cigarettes has been well understood and acknowledged by the American Association of Public Health Physicians. As per the reports published by the American Association of Public Health Physicians, it was found that when smokers smoke electronic cigarettes, they can reduce the chances of contracting tobacco related diseases by as much as 99.9%. This is great news for all those smoking enthusiasts out there, who would love to smoke their daily cigarette without actually bothering to contract a fatal disease in return. The main reason, as per the American Association of Public Health Physicians, why e cigarettes are all right to be smoked is because they are “nicotine only” devices which do not contain even a single milligram of tobacco.

Tobacco cigarettes, as most of you may be aware, are fatal for the human body. Not only do they cause severe harm to the environment, they are also responsible for killing one out of every ten individuals the world over, annually. This is all owing to the toxic fumes which emit from a lit cigarette. The smoke emitting from tobacco is known to contain over 4000 known chemicals, of which over 47 have been identified as cancer causing. Besides, several chemical compounds which are released from cigarettes are still unknown. Apparently, several chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiac arrest and respiratory tract infections are all caused owing to this offensive smoke. Even second hand smokers are at an equally great risk of contracting such diseases.

Another reason why e cigarettes are better than regular cigarettes is because they are far cheaper in comparison. As compared to regular cigarettes, e cigs cost one third the price. This is great news for the budget conscious smokers, as now they would not be shelling out a bomb while smoking e cigarettes.