Electronic cigarettes have always been under strict scrutiny from the FDA as well as other medical organizations, the world over. Nonetheless, in the past four years (ever since e cigarettes were officially launched in the United States, in the year 2007), these smokeless devices have made a mark for themselves in the cigarette industry. In fact, their popularity has grown fourfold, thereby pushing the traditional tobacco industry on the back foot. This in turn has prompted several research analysts to ascertain the main reasons behind the astounding success of e cigs.

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Some Expert Opinions on E Cigs:

As per Madhukar Yadav, Director at Tech-Cigarette.com, “E Cigarettes are undoubtedly the most suitable alternatives to traditional smoking methods. The lack of carcinogens, tar, tobacco, ash and offensive smoke present in e cigs, makes them suitable for those smokers who aspire to quit traditional smoking methods and adopt a nicotine delivery system that is relatively free from carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. Electronic cigarette forum offers a lot of information on these devices. ”

According to the InLife president (an electric cigarette company) “E cigarettes are devices that simulate smoking experience by providing the same sensation to smokers, which is derived from tobacco cigarettes. These devices avoid spreading cancer causing chemicals, which are considered symbolic to traditional cigarettes.” 

Nonetheless, as per Norman Edelman, the CMO of American Lung Association, “These devices can be termed as nicotine delivery systems and as they avoid delivering tar and only nicotine. We do not know how that fares with the human body. The chances of these devices causing harm, exists.”

According to Rita Chapelle, an FDA spokesperson, “What concerns us is the possibility of this substance proving abusive or addictive to people. We would not like people to consider them as safer alternatives.”

The Controversy Surrounding Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

While these devices do not produce any smoke, they have nonetheless managed to create a rather stormy and smoky controversy. Electric cigarettes are readily available for sale over the World Wide Web and they are nowadays also available at almost sixty two kiosks, spread across various malls in the United States. While the manufacturers of electrical cigarettes are stating that their devices are safe, FDA is not willing to approve of this statement, until and unless certain specific tests have been done on these devices that can prove this statement to be true.

There have also been reports that FDA may ban this substance from their soil.  Nonetheless, all this has not happened as there is no evidence of electric cigarettes harming the human body, definitely not to the extent of the harm caused by regular cigarettes. At the present moment, FDA has yet to approve these smokeless devices into the mainstream commercial market, as according to their spokespersons, adequate testing is still required to have these devices approved by the FDA. While FDA may still be planning for a possible ban but is not doing so for the lack of evidence against these devices, the fact remains that in Canada, the import of e cigs has already seen a ban from the concerned government agencies.

So, why create such a fuss over e cigarettes? After all, they are free from tobacco, ash, tar, second hand smoke and they are even cheaper alternatives as compared to the traditional tobacco filled cigars. So, it is time to discuss the accomplishments of this smoke-free device.

Accomplishments- Electronic Cigarette Safety

This heading may sound a bit inappropriate, especially while keeping in mind the fact that an e cig is merely a device for satisfying the nicotine cravings in an individual, nonetheless it has indeed managed to fulfill the basic needs of a human being by providing smokers an alternative, which is undoubtedly healthier than a regular cigarette.

Let us now Elaborate on the Distinct Advantages of puffing this Smoke-Free Device:

1) First of all, an electric cigarette is usually puffed by those smoking enthusiasts who would like to quit smoking traditional cigarettes but would not like to give up smoking altogether. E cigs are an ideal choice for such smokers as they can now puff electrical cigarettes without inhaling the chemicals and still avail the much needed nicotine hit.

2) Secondly, tobacco users have faced a lot of trouble while trying to smoking cigarettes in public places. This has prompted most of them to seek a suitable alternative as smoking tobacco cigarettes in public places is banned in several countries throughout the world. E cigarettes, on the other hand, can be puffed in airplanes, shopping malls and in the streets as these devices can be freely puffed in public.

3) A few firms are of the opinion that after puffing e cigs, smokers can actually reduce the harm caused by regular cigarettes.

4) Although this statement has not been approved by the World Health Organization, some researchers are of the opinion that electronic cigarettes may help chain smokers quit smoking.

More Controversies- Electronic Cigarette Health Risks

Madhkar Yadav, Director at Tech-Cigarette.com is of the opinion that e cigarettes cannot be considered a smoking cessation device. “While they cannot be considered a smoking cessation device, electric cigarettes do not indulge in environmental pollution. The smoke that emits from a lit e cigarette is in reality harmless water vapor, which disappears quickly. It should also be noted that as compared to twenty cigarettes being thrown in a trash box, you end up throwing only a single e cig cartridge.”

According to Murray Laugesen, a New Zealand based private health researcher, “Electronic cigarettes are not at all bad and the ingredient list supplied by the producers seemed accurate, which in turn clearly states that they are not of any immediate harm if used.”

Nonetheless, the chief medical officer of the American Lung Association, Norman Edelman, was not completely in favor of what Murray Laugesen had stated in his research about e cigs. This was because according to Norman Edelman, the research conducted by the New Zealand based researcher was not a clinical study. The American Lung Association happens to be an organization that has suggested a possible ban on smokeless cigarettes.


It is very difficult to state whether e cigarettes are completely safe for the human body and it is also incorrect to claim that these smokeless devices are harmful for the human health. Electric cigarettes have provided chain smokers with a suitable alternative to the traditional tobacco filled cigarettes, which contain cancer causing carcinogens. Hence, for those smokers who would like to avoid ingesting carcinogens into their body, an e cig is the best bet. Also, those passive smokers who would like to be spared of the highly offensive second hand smoke that emits from tobacco cigars should consider electronic cigarettes as a suitable alternative as these devices do not produce any smoke. The final decision to use an e cigs or a regular cigarette lies completely in the hands of the concerned smoker.