An electronic cigarette is a device, which is considered to be an alternate smoking method. It has been statistically proven that smokers from all over the globe have started to make use of e cigarettes as they prove to be a suitable alternative to the traditional tobacco filled cigarettes that are so readily available in the international market today. Nonetheless, there is still a lot of confusion with regards to this smoke-free device. Well, here are a few clarifications on all the doubts that you may have regarding e cigarettes in general:

electronic cigarette 

Electronic Cigarettes are Like Real Cigarettes

First of all, it is interesting to note that e cigarettes are not at all similar to the traditional cigarettes that are filled with tobacco content. It should be noted that while e cigs closely resemble regular cigarettes with regards to the shape as well as the size (although e cigs are slightly longer that traditional cigarettes), they are very different from the real cigarettes in terms of their overall functionality. Hence, to say that both these device are similar is not at all correct. In reality, there is a lot of difference between both the devices.


An E Cigarette Produces Smoke

Some people are of the opinion that an e cigarette produces smoke. Well, this is not at all correct. In reality, an e cigarette is a device that is known to produce water vapor, which in turn is considered harmless in nature. On the contrary, a real cigarette produces smoke, which is filled with several harmful chemicals when it is smoked. The smoke produced by the traditional smoking devices is considered to be really harmful for the human body. In fact, the people who inhale this smoke often suffer from several diseases including a few chronic ones such as cancer, cardiac arrest and respiratory tract infections.


E Cigs Contain Carcinogens

It is once again a myth that an e cig contain carcinogens. Some people are of the opinion that these smokeless devices are filled with carcinogens, which in turn are considered cancer causing in nature. Nonetheless, this is not at all true, as electrical cigarettes are free from all the harmful cancer causing chemicals, which are apparently always present in regular cigarettes. This is undoubtedly great news for those smoking enthusiasts who were scared of smoking devices that were laden with carcinogens, as these highly toxic chemicals are known to cause several chronic ailments in human beings.


Electric Cigarettes are Expensive

There are some individuals out there who are of the opinion that when you purchase electric cigarettes, you end up spending a whole lot more than the amount you spend while purchasing regular cigarettes. Well, this is an absolutely incorrect statement as the actual facts are quite contrary to it. In the present day scenario, if we are to judge the price difference of both these devices based on a five pack measure, we would come to the conclusion that a pack of five e cig cartridges would cost $7.50, whereas a pack of five regular cigarettes would cost you a whooping $36. This data clearly reveals the true facts, which in turn go on to state that when you opt for smokeless cigarettes, you end up enjoying huge savings and vice versa. The only initial cost involved while purchasing e cigs is the starter kit, yet that too is nullified in a few months, as the cost of refilling these cartridges is very low.


Starter Kits Need to be Purchased Often

There is no substantial proof pertaining to this particular myth, wherein people are of the opinion that smokers who opt for smokeless cigarettes, need to purchase starter kits on a regular basis. Well, smokers need to purchase starter kits only when they are either upgrading to a more advanced starter kit or when they have accidentally lost or misplaced their present kit. Also, in case you have broken the kit by crushing it under heavy weight, you shall need to replace it promptly. Under no other circumstance would a smoking enthusiast need to make a new purchase.


Smokeless Cigarettes Do Not Offer Nicotine Variety

There is also a myth surrounding the nicotine levels present in electric cigarettes. There are some rumors surrounding the limitations offered in smokeless cigarettes with regards to providing adequate nicotine levels to smoking enthusiasts. Well, this is not at all true and on the contrary, electrical cigarettes allow smokers to relish a wide variety of nicotine levels. E cigs offer zero nicotine levels, low nicotine levels (6mg), medium nicotine levels (12mg), high nicotine levels (18mg), extra high nicotine levels (24mg), very strong nicotine levels (36mg) and extra strong nicotine levels (48mg). Hence smokers have a wide variety of nicotine strengths to choose from.


Electronic Cigarettes are Banned

Another myth that surrounds an e cigarette is that this device is officially banned from being puffed. Well, the reality is that an electric cigarette can be openly puffed in public places in most countries throughout the world. This is owing to the very simple reason that an e cig does not produce smoke, which is considered highly offensive in nature. On the contrary, a regular cigarette causes clouds of smoke, owing to which, it is officially banned from being smoked in public places in most countries throughout the world.


Upon reading the above mentioned pointers, you may have realized that these smoke-free devices are in reality, quite different from regular cigarettes. While some individuals consider these devices to be a suitable alternative to regular cigars, others find them environment friendly in nature. At the same time, there are other categories of smoking enthusiasts, who consider these devices to be cost effective smoking aids that are free from most harmful chemicals that are generally found in regular cigarettes. Apparently, all the above mentioned reasons have actually helped this smoking aid to gain immense popularity in a relatively short time span. Experts are of the opinion that in the coming years, more and more chain smokers would be quitting traditional cigarettes and opting for e cigs instead.