An electronic cigarette is also known as an e cigarette. It is a device which does not contain tobacco and it is used as a suitable alternative to tobacco cigarettes. It helps provide the “nicotine hit” matching to the level of that provided by regular cigarettes, but without causing harm to the body. At the same time, it is completely smoke free in nature and does not pollute the environment. On the other hand, tobacco cigarettes are known to pollute the environment and release harmful carcinogens into the atmosphere. But how does an e cigarette operate? Well, it has three basic components:

The Cartridge

The first component of an e cigarette is the cartridge. This is also recognized as a hollow space which in turn backs up as a reservoir wherein is stored the liquid nicotine. The cartridge has openings on both ends. One end of the cartridge is connected to the electronically charged battery while the other end of it is used as a mouthpiece. This device is made of plastic and is supposed to be the most vital component of an electric cigarette. Without this, you simply cannot hope to enjoy the “nicotine hit”, which each and every smoking enthusiast craves for.

The Atomizer

The second component of an e cig is the atomizer. This is a device which has a heating element, which in turn is responsible for ensuring that the liquid nicotine located within the cartridge is vaporized. The atomizer is ideally located right in the middle of an electric cigarette. It is connected with the rechargeable battery from one end while the other end is connected with the nicotine filled cartridge. As an atomizer is known to have a small shelf life and can get spoilt, manufacturing companies have started using disposable atomizers. These are also known to use cartomizers.

The Battery

The last and final component of an e cig is the electronic battery. The battery is made from lithium ion and it is rechargeable in nature. This battery can be charged using a USB port. These batteries are equipped with a LED light, which in turn acts as an automatic sensor which detects the airflow. The LED light glows when you smoke and switches off when you stop smoking. Most e cigarette brands now provide a case which can carry your cartridge besides doubling up as your charger. Smokers are switching to e cigs because they are non-polluting and smoke free in nature. They also do not contain tobacco.

So, if you really want to stop smelling like an ashtray and wish to steer clear of all the fatal diseases that are linked to tobacco smoke, simply make a permanent switch to the healthier and non polluting Electronic Cigarettes TODAY!