Ever since electronic cigarettes were officially introduced in the United States of America in the year 2007, people from all walks of lives have started to take serious notice of these trendy devices, which look and feel like the real cigarettes but in reality, they are poles apart from the traditional tobacco filled cigars. In the past four years, the popularity status of an electronic cigarette has increased four folds, owing to which, most smokers have begun to take a serious interest in trying out e cigarettes.

In fact, each day, several smokers quit smoking regular cigarettes and start to puff on electric cigarettes instead. While there are several reasons why smoking enthusiasts are making a permanent switch over to regular cigarettes, the fact remains that the safety features attached to an e cig make these devices fairly popular amongst the masses.

The first difference between an e cig and a traditional tobacco filled cigar is the lack of smoke in the latter. While a cigarette is known to emit over 4000 highly toxic chemicals in the air, an electronic cigarette does not emit such harmful chemicals into the earth’s atmosphere. The second difference is with regards to tar. An electronic cigarette leaves behind no tar, while a tobacco cigarette is known to leave behind high amounts of tar. An e cigarette is definitely devoid of ash, as there is no smoke involved, and this device does not need to be burnt with the aid of a matchstick.

A regular cigarette is known the world over for leaving behind foul odor, which is why smokers are known to possess bad breath. On the other hand, an e cig is free from foul odor. Another major difference between both the devices is with regards to the stains. A tobacco cigarette would certainly stain your clothes, your carpet as well as your precious sofas, whereas an electric cigarette would never stain any object, as it is completely free from ash. Likewise, a regular cigarette is full of harsh chemicals, which also includes the deadly carbon dioxide gas. Nonetheless, an electronic cigarette is devoid of the highly toxic chemicals found in regular cigarettes and it is also devoid of the deadly carbon dioxide gas.

The carbon monoxide gas, which is always present in regular cigarettes, is not there in an e cig. At the same time, both these devices are successful in fulfilling the nicotine cravings in human beings. A regular cigarette cannot be smoked in public places, in several countries the world over. On the other hand, an electronic cigarette is free from such smoking bans. The biggest difference between both smoking devices is in terms of the price. The cost of five packs of electric cigarettes is $9.36, whereas five packs of tobacco cigarettes costs $36, on an average.

Owing to the above listed reasons, smoking enthusiasts in their millions have been known to quit smoking traditional cigarettes and they are now making a permanent switch to puffing on electronic cigarettes. In fact, certain reports have suggested that with time, e cigarettes would surpass regular cigarettes in terms of popularity as well as sales.