Electronic cigarette was introduced in the year 2007 in USA with an aim of replacing the harmful regular cigarettes. The biggest benefit of smoking an electronic cigarette is that they do not contain tobacco, which is undoubtedly unhealthy for human consumption.

Interestingly, while electronic cigarettes appear similar to a normal cigarette, instead of tobacco, they use an electronic charger to ignite the liquid nicotine present in the E Cigarette cartridges. The end user inhales as well as exhales this vapor and enjoys a complete smoking experience without inhaling the deadly tobacco induced in the process. So, you manage to stay in way better health while continuing to smoke e cigarettes than you would with smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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Few lesser known facts on electronic cigarettes:

1. No Smoke with E Cig

An electronic cigarette resembles a normal cigarette but there is one big difference between e cigs and normal cigarettes. In an e cigarette, you do not burn tobacco or paper. Instead, you simply need to ignite the vaporizing chamber using a battery and inhale nicotine vapor, which tastes just like an ordinary cigarette. While you do inhale nicotine to your lungs, it is relatively harmless. Besides, it does not produce any smell as nothing is burning.

2. E Cigarette Is Safe

Before buying electronic cigarettes, you are always concerned about its safety. While there are several regulatory health authorities which feel that electronic cigarette smoking is safe when compared to smoking a normal cigarette, they have reservations regarding e cigs being considered completely harmless.

Nonetheless, most electronic cigarette manufacturers claim that they manufacture best electronic cigarette by including only those ingredients that are completely safe for human consumption. If we talk of the FDA, then even they have not been able to give either a ‘clean chit’ or an ‘avoidance signal’ towards the use of E cigarettes. This is a clear indication that an e cig is safer than normal cigarettes.

3. Level of Nicotine

Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco but they do contain liquid nicotine. The amount of nicotine depends on the capacity of your cartridge. While a few electronic cigarette brands offer an e cig with equivalent nicotine levels as found in a normal cigarette, others offer e cigarettes that have lesser nicotine levels. An e cig customer can choose the nicotine level of his electronic cigarette. You may buy an e cigarette cartridge which has high nicotine levels or low nicotine levels.

In fact, you have the option to buy electronic cigarette which is completely devoid of nicotine content. Hence, the final choice is completely dependent on the end user. This is quite contrary to smoking normal cigarettes as you have no option but to inhale tobacco and high amounts of nicotine with their use.

While there are several kinds of electronic cigarettes available in the market, in order to remain healthy and enjoy a natural smoking experience, you need to choose the best E cigarette. Our expert review panel comprising of smoking experts and e cig critics have chosen the following Best Electronic Cigarette brands just for YOU!!!

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