As per a recent report, it has been established that over 6 million smokers in the United Kingdom vowed to quit smoking cigarettes as a part of their New Year resolution for the year 2012. Nonetheless, experts are of the opinion that despite their best efforts, a vast majority of these individuals would never be able to stick to their resolution as the nicotine craving created by smoking regular cigarettes is far too tough to break. It has been ascertained that nicotine addiction is not only a physical but also a mental addiction, which tends to affect people from all walks of lives. Nonetheless, smoking regular cigarettes is fatal for the human body and people have been known to lose their lives after falling prey to an array of chronic ailments such as cancer, respiratory tract infections as well as cardiac issues.

The biggest issue which surrounds the smoking community is the quest to find an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes that can also be considered as a safer means of smoking, yet permits people to continue their habit rampantly. While there are a few options available in the market that have claimed of being effective in helping people quit smoking, the fact remains that these devices actually never really work wonders and they are definitely not at all a permanent cure for helping people quit smoking. Two such devices that are also being used widely by the medical practitioners are nicotine patches as well as gum. While these do leave an impact but the results are temporary in nature and simply cannot be comparable to permanent cure. This is when an electronic cigarette comes into the picture.

While an e cigarette does not contain tobacco, it does contain liquid nicotine, which is housed within a special cartridge, attached to the main cigarette body. Nonetheless, these devices are completely smokeless in nature as they do not require the need for a match. This is what makes these devices pollution free and also free from the highly offensive second hand smoke, which regular cigarettes are known to emit on a regular basis. While millions of smokers are quitting cigarettes and puffing on electronic cigarettes instead, the fact remains that a few critics are still apprehensive with regards to the overall worth of these devices. Several research studies have approved of the fact that electric cigarettes have indeed managed to fulfill the basic as well as advanced needs of a heavy smoker.

It is also a well known fact that millions of e cig lovers swear by their smokeless devices and many more have been attracted by these tobacco free devices for the very simple reason that they permit the concerned individual to smoke on a daily basis without actually bothering to force him/her into inhaling the offensive second hand smoke in return. Nonetheless, another reason why smokers who simply could never have imagined of quitting regular cigarettes have started puffing an e cigarette is because they are being attracted by the lucrative pricings of these devices. As compared to traditional cigarettes, an e cig costs one third the original price. All these reasons have made it evident that people from all walks of lives have actually started to prefer puffing on electronic cigarettes instead of the regular ones.