The electronic cigarette and the ozone layer have been in news for a long time now. There have been speculations pertaining to the positive effects the electronic cigarette is having towards the security of the ozone layer but such speculations are farce. The ozone layer, as most people may be aware, is formed owing to the process of photolysis, wherein the oxygen molecules absorb the harmful ultra violet rays in a bid to protect the earth’s atmosphere. When the oxygen atom and the oxygen molecules combine, they give rise to the formation of the ozone layer. Nonetheless, with the rampant use of CFC in various factories across the globe, the ozone layer starts to deplete as the chlorine atom present in these toxic gases reacts with the oxygen atom and starts burning a hole in the ozone layer. If the ozone layer is allowed to deplete, it would lead to global warming and also cause the sun’s harsh rays to penetrate the earth’s atmosphere thereby causing several chronic ailments to humans including cancer.

While the main reason why an e cigarette was introduced was simply because they were devoid of tobacco, the fact remains that e cigs also cause no environmental pollution of any sort. So, as there is no smoke which emitted from smoking an e cigarette, there is no chance of harmful chemicals being released into the earth’s atmosphere. Hence, this saves not only the smoker as well as the passive smoker from a possible infection or a chronic disease, it also permits the earth’s atmosphere to remain free from toxic gases. This in turn ensures that the ozone layer is stopped from getting harmed unnecessarily. Smoke from tobacco on the other hand, causes severe damage to the ozone layer as the gases react in much a similar manner as cfc and cause this safety barrier to get damaged in the act.

It was in the year 1987, when the Montreal Protocol was implemented owing to the excessive ozone depletion that the control of harmful gases came into existence. This also led to the banning of tobacco smoking in public places. Nonetheless, the addiction was so great as hundreds of millions of individuals smoked tobacco that it forced researchers to find a suitable alternative to smoking tobacco. This was in the form of harmless electric cigarettes. E cigs containe nicotine and are completely devoid of tobacco, which in turn ensures that no harmful gases are unleashed into the earth’s atmosphere. So, undoubtedly, e cigs help in preserving the ozone layer for our future generations.