Cigarette smoking is a rampant activity, which forces people from all walks of lives to get addicted in such a vicious manner that they simply cannot get out of this awful habit willingly. While there are several reasons why people from all walks of lives simply try and avoid smoking tobacco, with adverse health effects being one of the main reasons, the fact remains that staining of teeth by smoking cigarettes, proves to be the greatest deterrent for smoking enthusiasts from across the globe. In fact, one of the main reasons why smokers simply do not like smoking regular cigarettes is because they simply abstain staining their teeth in the act. Apparently, smoking cigarettes actually spoils the true color of your teeth and leaves them stained.

It has been confirmed by the dental associations of several countries that a smoker almost always suffers from a yellowish smile and no matter whether he heads to the local dental clinic to get a regular cleansing done, the stain simply does not disappear. While it may fade to a great extent but when the need of the hour is to ensure that your teeth are kept sparkling white, such a scenario is seemingly impossible if you are habitual of smoking regular cigarettes on a customary basis. The stain is owing to the presence of tar in a tobacco cigarette. It has also been confirmed that tar not only stains your teeth, it also happens to give the smoker a poor oral hygiene. Smokers do not only suffer from discolored teeth, it has also been reported that they also suffer from plaque as well as bad breath.

In several cases, chain smokers have been known to suffer from an inflamed gum and they are also known to get white patches onto their facial skin. Without a shadow of a doubt, the fact remains that smokers almost always suffer from dry mouth and that they are always running the risk of contracting oral cancers. This is also one of the main reasons why smoking enthusiasts need to quit smoking regular cigarettes and adopt a healthier means of relishing their daily smoke by adopting electronic cigarettes. Apparently, the main reason why chain smokers are known to suffer from discoloration of their teeth is owing to the poor blood circulation, which in turn is brought about by the deadly tobacco content that is present in regular cigarettes. Owing to the high levels of carbon dioxide in regular cigarettes, the oxygen supply to the teeth enamel is drastically reduced, which in turn discolors the teeth at warp speed.

Besides causing discoloration of teeth, cigarette smoking is also responsible for giving rise to cavities, which in turn can easily lead to the breakage of teeth. At the same time, smokers often suffer from a situation wherein they are simply unable to chew their food, especially raw fruits as well as vegetables, owing to poor tooth quality. All this is a serious issue which needs to be tackled with utmost ease. This is why millions of chain smokers are now quitting regular cigarettes and puffing on an e cigarette instead. Apparently, the lack of tobacco as well as smoke in an electric cigarette allows the teeth of the concerned smoker to be free from the usual infections. In most cases, major e cig companies permit the concerned smoker to choose from a 0mg strength nicotine cartridge to a 32mg nicotine strength cartridge, thereby offering the smoking enthusiast several positive choices.