Electronic cigarette being a suitable alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes is without a shadow of a doubt the main reason why people from all walks of lives make a permanent switch towards these alternatives. Nonetheless, the fact remains that besides being the best alternative, electronic cigarettes allow the smoker to enjoy the same feeling that he usually gets while smoking regular cigarettes.

The manner in which you smoke an electronic cigarette is similar to smoking a regular cigarette and the water vapor which is expelled with each puff here makes people realize that you are actually smoking a normal cigarette. The recent study by Dawkins at the University of East London confirms the fact that smoking electronic cigarettes is ideally the best alternative to regular smoking as it helps the end user feel as though he is not making any change to his usual smoking habit.

In the year 2010, a study involving forty eight tobacco smokers who smoked more than ten cigarettes a day was conducted. In this study, each smoker was given e cigs to smoke instead of tobacco cigarettes and it was found that electric cigarettes actually helped in reducing their urge to smoke tobacco to a great extent. Interestingly, it was not the nicotine levels found in the electric cigarettes which propelled people to quit smoking.

One of the main reasons according to this study why people had a reduced desire to smoke tobacco was because electronic cigarettes helped create a perfect replication to normal smoking. So, the sensations produced were almost the same if not better than tobacco smoking. This prompted the individuals in the study to prefer smoking e cigs and quit smoking tobacco cigarettes altogether. Nonetheless, this trial is still continuing and several more studies are being done to determine the benefits of e cigarettes.