A leading tobacco analyst has commented that electronic cigarettes have indeed transformed into a fairly popular smoking mechanism and that these electronically operated devices are here to stay. Without a shadow of a doubt, smoking enthusiasts the world over have always been on the lookout for a smoking mechanism, which was free from tobacco as well as the highly offensive second hand smoke. This is where e cigarettes fit into the picture and prove to be a head turner for all those chain smokers who were seeking a way out from their awful habit.

According to Bonnie Herzog, who happens to be an analyst working in Well Fargo, “After witnessing the huge success of these smokeless devices, it would not be long before Reynolds Tobacco Company would start manufacturing and selling them.” This clearly states that an e cig is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most sought after commodities in the smoking niche. An electric cigarette is a device which is operated with the aid of a rechargeable battery. It contains a small cartridge, which comprises of a liquid nicotine solution and an atomizer for igniting this liquid and turning it into harmless water vapor.

According to research analysts at tech-cigarette.com, there are close to 3 million electronic cigarette smokers in the entire world. At the same time, the total sale volumes of these devices are $300 million on an annual basis. This clearly states that e cigarettes have started to sell like hot cakes in the recent years. It has also been predicted that in the coming years, the annual sale of these smokeless devices may cross the $1 billion mark. This is simply owing to the reason that there is no excise tax or duties levied on electronic cigarettes. It has also been noticed that despite the high initial costs, smokers from all over the world are ready to take the plunge and try e cigs.

Economically weaker sections of the society have also been noticed to prefer puffing on electric cigarettes instead of tobacco cigars, for the very simple reason that the former is definitely devoid of all the harmful gasses as well as chemicals which are always present in traditional cigarettes. At the same time, in the longer run, puffing on an electric cigarette proves to be a cheaper option. As compared to the monthly running cost of smoking traditional tobacco filled cigarettes, e cigs proves to be a way cheaper alternative. As per the latest statistical reports, smokers have been known to save 75% of their original monthly smoking bills after having switched over to puffing electric cigarettes.

The biggest advantage of puffing an e cig is the permission to use them at public places. Apparently, it is legally permitted in most countries to puff an electronic cigarette in public places. Hence, smokers can puff on these smokeless devices while traveling in an airplane, while eating at their favorite restaurant, while taking a stroll in the neighborhood park or even while shopping in a mall.