Electronic cigarettes are known to look and feel just like their original counterparts, the regular cigarettes but in reality, they are quite different from tobacco cigarettes. For a starter, they are not at all similar to regular cigarettes.


For once, they do not contain tobacco, which is synonymous to regular cigarettes. Apparently, this is the main differentiating factor between both these devices. The second main reason which makes both cousins drift apart is the clouds of smoke relevant to regular cigarettes while the lack of smoke in e cigarettes.

Yes, it is very true when a smoker states that while smoking e cigs, he never unleashes smoke into the atmosphere. Apparently, the main reason why smokers do not unleash smoke into the atmosphere is because electric cigarettes are devices which do not require a match to light.

They contain liquid nicotine, which in turn is stored in a small chamber, termed as an e cig cartridge. The cartridge is attached to the battery, which in turn is known to power the cigarette by heating the element which transforms liquid nicotine into water vapor. So, when a smoker actually smokes these devices, he is unleashing harmless water vapor in the air and not toxic smoke.

Vaping is another term which is symbolic to smoking e cigarettes. As these devices unleash harmless water vapor into the earth’s atmosphere, we often term this act as vaping, instead of smoking. When a person vapes, he does not produce any smoke.

All that emits is water vapor, as discussed above, and this vapor is undoubtedly non-polluting in nature-at least when compared top tobacco cigarettes, it is. Apparently, this is one of the main reasons why people from all across the globe are making a permanent switch to smoking electric cigarettes and quitting regular ones permanently.

The smoke with bellows from regular cigarettes is also known to spoil the atmosphere, which in turn aggravates the global warming issues. Apparently, the Go-Green revolutionists have to agree that by smoking e cigs, smokers would at least reduce the overall pollution levels by a great margin.

At the same time, smokers are all praises for smoke-free cigarettes for the very simple reason that they are cheaper as compared to their regular counterparts- the regular tobacco filled cigarettes. As per the latest reports, these smoke free devices cost one third the price of regular cigarettes and prove to be a great money saving mechanism for the budget conscious smoker.