The story of Justin is really touching…let’s read more about it!

Justin is a workaholic and he works as a manager in a multi national corp. He has also been smoking regular cigarettes for the past 25 years now. Although he knew rather well that regular cigarettes are harmful for his health, the health of his immediate family as well as his friends alike, his addiction for tobacco was so strong that he simply could not quit smoking.

In fact, one fine day when his spouse (Julie) offered him a V2 Cigs starter kit which contained a rechargeable battery, five of Justin’s favorite flavored cartridges, a USB charger as well as a user manual, Justin simply refused to even give it a try. All he said to Julie, “I am so pleased with tobacco cigarettes that I cannot even dream of leaving them for an electric version.” Nonetheless, he did keep them in his drawer as a goodwill gesture.

A few months later, when Justin suffered terrible pain in his chest area and was told by the doctors that he had had a mild stroke, he realized that his habit of smoking tobacco had finally landed him in serious trouble. Even the doctors warned him, saying that if he did not quit smoking effective immediately, he was sure to aggravate the present condition of his heart. When he was discharged and sent back home, he vowed never to smoke again.

Nonetheless, this turned out as a short lived dream as very soon Justin’s craving for tobacco got the better of him and he rushed for his cigarette packet. This is when his wife caught him and suggested he try e cigarettes instead. “I have been using them for over a year”; she said. “I am sure you would like them more than tobacco.” Reluctantly Justin tried and has never looked back ever since.

According to Justin, the “nicotine hit” which an electric cigarette delivered was far greater than what a tobacco cigarette did. At the same time, the fact that an electric cigarette is devoid of tobacco and completely free from toxic gases, helped Justin recover and realize the true potential of making a permanent switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. The absence of harmful carcinogens as well as the deadly carbon dioxide gas also helped Justin’s family breathe fresh air in peace.

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