One of the main concerns which a few people harbor is electronic cigarettes’ side effects. Smokers often wonder whether electronic cigarettes side effects are for real or just a farce. Well, ever since tobacco smoking has been legally banned from several countries worldwide for the very simple reason that it causes severe health concerns including cancer, cardiac arrest, respiratory infections and multiple organ failure, smokers have finally come to accept the fact that tobacco smoking can very well take their lives. This is one of the main reasons why smokers globally wish to quit smoking tobacco and begin smoking electronic cigarettes instead. So, what about the side effects attached to e cigs?

Well, if you are seriously considering taking good care of your health then you need to quit smoking tobacco. In case you have any doubts, simply surf the web and you shall find several thousand if not millions of blog posts which spell the disasters involved in smoking tobacco. Nonetheless, there are not many bloggers who would write something terrible about electric cigarettes. This is for the very simple reason that e cigs are devoid of tobacco and in the absence of tobacco, they seem quite all right to use. Besides, e cigarettes always give you the option of choosing your own nicotine levels. For a starter, if you are willing to smoke an e cigarette which does not have any nicotine then such varieties are also available.

Interestingly, when electronic cigarette came into existence, the tobacco lobby simply ignored its very existence for the very simple reason that it considered them to be of no competition at all. They were under the impression that they would come and go without posing a serious threat towards their business. But as e cigarettes started to get popular with each passing day, the tobacco lobby did all it could to squash its head. Nonetheless, as people had become aware of the benefits of switching to e cigarette smoking and the dangers involved in smoking tobacco, they never really paid heed to the bashing which tobacco lobby was executing. In a nutshell, there is no side effect which can actually be considered as harmful when you smoke E Cigarettes.

Of the few side effects that have been reported owing to prolonged usage of e cigarettes include a dry throat as well as a sore throat. Even vaping has been determined as a possible side effect of smoking electric cigarettes. Nonetheless, when you compare this with tobacco smoking side effects which include cancer of the mouth and the lungs, cardiac arrests, chronic asthma and several other diseases which are fatal in nature, these side effects come across as peanuts.