South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most advanced smoking mechanisms to have been introduced in the entire smoking niche. Nonetheless, it is very important top find out just what makes this e cigarette steal the limelight. Well, here are the main features of this e cig, which distinguishes it from other electrical smoking devices:

South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette

South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette

The Special LED Light


The first and foremost distinguishing feature in a South Beach Smoke electrical cigarette is a special LED light, which in turn is orange in color. Hence, each time you take a puff, this orange light starts to glow and it also provides a clear indication as to when you would need to recharge your batteries.


Rechargeable Battery (SuperMax)


The batteries manufactured by South Beach are supposed to be one of the most advanced batteries known to man. Also termed as SuperMax batteries, these rechargeable devices are undoubtedly highly advanced and they are manufactured with a single minded aim of providing the highest vapor volume to the concerned smoking enthusiast. Not only is the overall performance of this battery superior, it is also considered to be long lasting in nature and absolutely free from wear and tear, if handled properly by the end user. The available colors are white (this is similar to cigarette paper white), as well as black. The end user also has the distinct advantage of choosing either the high capacity battery or the standard battery.


In-Built Atomizer


The South Beach Smoke reviews have also categorically stated that their e cigarettes are fortified with an in-built atomizer, which in turn has the natural ability to allow smokers to puff voluminous vapor at all times. At the same time, smoking enthusiasts can relish thick, voluminous vapor content at all times as they are provided with a fresh atomizer with each e cig. The in-built atomizer also enhances the overall taste of the e cig.


Cartridges in Different Flavors


Another distinct feature as per South Beach Smoke reviews is the availability of several delicious flavors in the e cigs manufactured here. Besides the several delicious flavors, the special FlavorMax technology fortifies each and every flavor and ensues that the end user always enjoys the maximum vapor volume with each puff.


The Tip Made from Silicon


Last but not the least; the specially designed silicon tip is designed in such a manner that it avoids the possibility of liquid nicotine leaking into the mouth of the concerned smoking enthusiast. At the same time, the silicon tip is blessed with a single-hole technology, which in turn ensures that the concerned end user relishes maximum vapor volume with each puff.