It has been stated that invasive breast cancer would affect one in every eight women in the United States alone. In fact, in the year 2011, over two hundred and thirty thousand new breast cancer cases have been detected in the United States, which undoubtedly is an alarming figure. Even men are not spared of this wrath and over two thousand one hundred and forty cases were confirmed in the year 2011, in the US alone. It has also been confirmed that in the United States, the death rate of women from breast cancer is higher than any other known cancer.

EverSmoke breast-cancer-awareness-month 

EverSmoke brand of electric cigarettes has always been in news. More often than not, the main reason why this brand has made it to the top of the best sellers list is because it has always maintained the highest levels of quality gradients in its products that are required for being always on top of the competition. While the starter kits as well as e cigarette accessories manufactured by this brand are always amongst the best in the business, the fact remains that this e cig brand also indulges in charitable works. As for this month- it happens to be breast cancer.


According to the EverSmoke review, it has been clearly revealed that in the month of October, a portion of the earnings shall be used for breast cancer treatment purposes. Hence, the funds collected are to be donated to a charity, which indulges in treating this menace in a suitable manner. At the same time, on the occasion of the breast cancer month, it has also been revealed that EverSmoke shall be providing a flat 25% discount on all its starter kits. So, while you all enjoy discounts, a portion of the proceeds would be dispatched towards breast cancer awareness programs.