The EverSmoke electronic cigarette brand has been known to be an eye-stopper for those smoking enthusiasts who have aspired to get their hands onto the best electronic cigarettes without spending a lot of money in return. While EverSmoke reviews have clearly highlighted the numerous starter kits which this brand has produced in the past, the fact remains that the disposable kit manufactured by this brand is unknown to most wanted item in the wish-list of smoking enthusiasts the world over. Without a shadow of a doubt, this e cig is being considered as the best smoking alternative for those individuals who are always on the move.

One of the main reasons why smokers are nowadays opting for e cigarettes is because these devices are way better than regular cigarettes and undoubtedly a better alternative to those who are habitual of smoking cigarettes on a daily basis. Also considered as a suitable money saving alternative, the disposable electric cigarettes manufactured by this brand are being considered the best traveling companions for those smokers who hardly stay home and are always on the move. While several other e cig brands available in the international market have devised disposable kits, EverSmoke reviews have clearly stated that their disposable e cigarette is a single piece device.

 These disposables boast of a one piece design, which in turn implies that the atomizer, the battery as well as the cartridge are in sync with each other. As all three pieces are attached, the fact remains that the vapor volume of such a device is very high and the taste of the liquid nicotine present within the cartridge too feel extremely good. Each disposable e cig here is capable of providing over five hundred puffs to smoking enthusiasts which in turn is equivalent to two packs of regular cigarettes. In order to prevent the possibility of the liquid nicotine leaking into the mouth of the smoking enthusiasts, a specially designed silicone tip is attached to this e cig.


The two flavors available in the disposable range are Cool Menthol and Classic Tobacco and these disposable are available in packs of five, ten and fifteen electronic cigarettes. This low cost alternative is being liked by smoking enthusiasts the world over and with such a technologically advanced brand such as EverSmoke, the fact remains that smoking enthusiasts would always be fully satisfied with their smoking experience. It is undoubtedly their convenience in terms of its usage, which is making them an instant hit in this highly competitive e-smoking niche.