EverSmoke electronic cigarettes are very popular amongst the masses and they have also been considered one of the world’s topmost e cigarette brands to have been launched in the world. While several smoking enthusiasts from all across the globe have used this brand of e cigs, most have accepted its metal in terms of manufacturing starter kits as well as electric cigarette accessories of the highest quality at all times. Nonetheless, this time around, this e cig brand has come into the limelight for an entirely different reason.

EverSmoke Starter Kits Sale

According to the manufacturers of EverSmoke, it has been revealed that till the 30’th of November, the prices of all starter kits have been slashed by 65%. This is great news for smoking enthusiasts as now they would be able to relish the true flavors of this brand without having to disrupt their budgets in any manner. The basic starter kit for example has been reduced to a meager $28 from the original price of $79.99. In fact, the premium starter kit, which was earlier pegged at $99.00 is now available for $35. The Ultimate Kit too has been reduced to $49, from $139.99. The Ultimate Plus starter kit too has been reduced to $61.25 from its original price of $174.99.


The sale is being accepted wholeheartedly by smokers who would like to try their hand at this brand of electronic cigarettes for the very first time. The reduced prices are apparently not applicable on disposable e cigs which EverSmoke is known to manufacture. Nonetheless, all starter kits are covered under this discounted scheme. Owing to this very reason, smokers are being known to be getting attracted towards the starter kits which EverSmoke manufactures. “I am thrilled at the prospect of this sale.” Stated Stacy. “Now, I shall buy the most expensive starter kit and yet be able to save my heard earned money in the act.”