I am not kidding when I say EverSmoke offers something for everyone! Overall they are my top choice, and you will not go wrong using them – I highly recommend them. They have full-blown starter kits with everything at great prices, affordable “express kits” for those of you who just want the bare basics, and they even have disposable e-cigarettes as an option too. This is a brand known for their outstanding customer service, they’re available very easily by email, if you call them, or even on Facebook. As far as I have known, and seen for myself, they have very good policies and they ship very quickly.

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Amazing design, excellent vapor production, and overall high quality equipment. EverSmoke’s award-winning SuperMaxTM batteries are way above others that look similar. They are built to last and provide a very cigarette-like vaping. EverSmoke offers 10 flavors, 5 nicotine strengths, and plenty of other options with your e-cigs. The offer a delivery service, the HDP that offers a lifetime warranty, and 20% savings on cartridge refills when you sign up for auto shipments. It’s free to join, and very smart to be on it!

Eversmoke Starter Kits And Price

EverSmoke’s Value is really great overall, and better than what you’d get elsewhere for the same price. I was impressed first and foremost by EverSmoke’s prices. They are really competitive to other popular brands, but having the reputation for their quality, it’s a steal.

Basic Starter Kit is $59.99 (compare to Blu’s at $89.95), Premium kit is $79.99, Ultimate kit is $109.99. This kit includes 2 batteries (1 standard and 1 high capacity, 1 USB charger, 1 portable wall charger and 5 nicotine cartridges. Click Here To Buy Now.



Pro Starter Kit at $79.99 is the most popular starter kit. It contains 2 batteries, 1 power cig, 1 car changing adapter, 1 portable wall charger, 1 USB charger and 10 nicotine cartridges. Click Here To Buy Now.




Ultimate Starter Kit (comes with every cool accessory they’ve got) tops out at $154.99. Lots of options for all budgets, and the long-term value more than pays for itself, compared to traditional cigarettes and most other high-quality e-cigarette brands.It contains 3 batteries, a charging case, a carry case, a power cig, an adapter, a USB charger and fifteen nicotine strength cartridges. Click Here To Buy Now.



The Couples 2 Kit Combo (is a perfect kit for two lovers) and is available for a meager $99.99 only. It has 4 batteries, 4 chargers and 10 high strength nicotine cartridges.

Reusable Express Kits go for $29.99 (V2 sells their version for $34.95, GreenSmoke sells theirs for $59.97. The kit contains a battery, a USB charger, 2 classic menthol or classic tobacco flavors and a user manual. Click Here To Buy Now.

Ever Smoke Disposable Electronic Cigarette

The solid one-piece design disposable from EverSmoke is capable to allow a smoker to puff almost anywhere. There is no recharge required and each e cigarette provides 500 puffs. This is equivalent to two packs of traditional cigarettes. These disposables are available in packs of 5, 10 and 15. Click Here To Buy Now.


EverSmoke’s site is one of the easiest to navigate. It’s clean, not filled with ads everywhere, and you can easily find whatever you’re looking for. They make their money-back guarantee very bold, just as they offer free shipping and their lifetime warranty. Ordering is very easy, and they are great about communication.


Very fast, my package got to me in less than a week. Not that they can control how fast things get delivered once they ship out, they sure don’t waste any time getting things processed and shipped. Always a big plus when dealing with a company. We all want our stuff fast, don’t we?


This impressed me from the start. They have a great amount of different products, and can please any e-smoker, but they don’t offer unnecessary products, or have a big mess of them all over their site as is the case with Blu. 5 different starter kit packages are available and as well as disposable e-cigarettes, which always come in handy. Good selection of battery colors, cartridges, and accessories.

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How They Perform

This is where they really nail it. EverSmoke’s performance really shines in their vapor production, there is no better throat hit. Get the manual batteries if you really want a lot of vapor, because these will do it for you! Battery life is great, going about a whole day before it needs recharging when using the High Capacity. Cartridge life is also great, lasting about the same as 2 packs of regular cigarettes. Products that go a long way make a huge difference, both in cost and convenience, and it’s certainly something I look out for.


EverSmoke has really good flavors. They cover all the usual bases with having a few tobacco types; Royal, Golden, and Classic, menthol, cherry, vanilla, and coffee, while also offering some exotic types like pina colada, peach, and peppermint. I have found the flavor to be intense through all cartridges, and does not change depending on nicotine strength. No bad aftertastes, as is often commonplace with other brands, just rich, intense flavor from the vapor. If you’ve just been smoking cigarettes and these will be your first experience with vapor cigs, definitely get their cartridge Sampler Pack so you can try them all. If you haven’t vaped with peach e-cigs, you don’t know what you are missing!

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Final Verdict

The bottom line with the EverSmoke line is that you will get great products at a great price. This brand is phenomenal about delivering what you want, and makes no qualms about offering the best quality. Having used plenty of others, I am more than satisfied with EverSmoke, and very happy to recommend them as the top e-cigarette brand.