Electronic cigarette reviews are compiled by a team of expert and knowledgeable research analysts, who have the necessary expertise to determine which electronic cigarette brand is better than the other. While most e cig brands are considered to be at par with the others, the fact remains that after being compared on a few specific parameters, a few emerge as clear winners. So, what are these judging parameters? To know the answer, simply read on:


Quality of Products

E cigarette reviews are always based upon the quality quotient. In simpler words, those e cigarette brands that have a high quality rating are preferred over those brands that have a slightly lower quality rating. In a nutshell, if a particular brand of electric cigarettes is making use of the highest quality ingredients while manufacturing its starter  kits or e cig accessories, then it is given prominence and vice versa.

Customer Feedbacks

The second most important feature of recognizing a top quality e cigarette brand is to assess the total number of top quality feedbacks, which a particular brand receives. According to the elite reviewers at Tech.Cigarette.com, “the total number of positive feedbacks a brand receives from customers is the single most important criterion for determining the e cig brand ratings.”  It is evident that only those brands which are receiving the highest levels of quality scores are pushed up the ranking charts and vice versa.

Website Rankings and Alexa Ratings

Another determining factor, which in turn proves to be an important factor in ensuring whether a brand is to be ranked higher than the other, is its website search rankings. For example, if a particular brand is being searched the most for certain predetermined keywords at Google, Yahoo or Bing, then that e cigarette brand is considered to be of a higher stature. In fact, the Alexa rankings too have a major role to play in determining the overall brand ratings. For example, V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes is ranked the highest at Tech-Cigarette because it has the lowest Alexa score.

Besides the above mentioned factors, there are several other reasons that determine the overall rating of an e cig brand.