A smoking filter is a small device, which is attached to a regular cigarette with an aim of reducing the tar as well as the tiny particles that are produced during the combustion of a regular cigarette. A filter is also made in such a manner that it greatly reduces the flakes, which usually flow into the mouth of the smoking individual and it also takes away the harshness of the smoke from the smoker’s mouth. The process of creating a cigarette filter from crepe paper was first invented and then patented by Boris Aivaz, in the year 1925. It was in the year 1927 that the first filter cigarette was officially launched and introduced for consumer use.

In the year 1945, most cigarette manufacturing brands had started incorporating the cigarette filters into their domain and they had also began working on ensuring that smoking enthusiasts were provided with all possible options of smoking a cigarette which was safer than the traditional cigarette. By the time it was 1960s, the cigarette with a filter apparently dominated the entire scene and was the preferred choice for most chain smokers the world over. A classic filter would be usually showcased in the form of a dark colored film, which in turn is usually denoted as a safe filter and is attached to the tip of a regular cigarette.

Most filters which are meant for females are denoted with a white mouthpiece, while those ideally used by males are denoted with a black mouthpiece. While manufacturing a cigarette filter, the manufacturers make use of cellulose, which in turn is extracted from the bark of plants and is supposed to be a vitally important ingredient which is used while manufacturing a cigarette filter. There are certain filters which have holes in them and this is mainly done to ensure that the air is diluted, when the smoker is smoking the cigarette. This apparently makes it safer for individuals to smoke tobacco. It is interesting to note that most cigarette filters are made from cellulose acetate nowadays.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that despite smoking cigarettes with a filter attached, the harm to the human body is not reduced and you are still susceptible to inhaling over 4000 toxic chemicals with each puff. In such a scenario, it is always recommended that a smoker should use a smokeless cigarette such as an electronic cigarette. E cigarettes are free from tobacco and they are also free from most toxic chemicals, which are present in regular cigarettes.