Green Smoke electronic cigarette is often touted as being amongst the top five e cigarette brands in the international smoking niche. While some electronic cigarette review websites have placed this brand as the best, most have kept it within the top five rankings. So, what is making Green Smoke e cigarette click? To find out, simply read on:

1. Green Smoke reviews the world over, have categorically stated that this brand is known for its high vapor content. As far as the smoke volume is concerned, Green Smoke is considered to boast of the thickest vapor content. This statement is seconded by the company spokespersons.


2. The second fact on this brand is the rich flavors that are included in its refill cartridges. These incredibly rich flavors help ensure that smoking enthusiasts are always supplied with what they really desire from their e cigarettes. The top selling flavors include Absolute Tobacco, Absolute Gold, Smooth Chocolate, Red Label Tobacco, Vanilla Dreams, Menthol Ice and Mocha Mist.


3. The Green Smoke review at has also stated that the cartomizers provided by this brand are high in terms of their vapor content. This in term implies that each cartomizer is equivalent to thirty regular cigarettes. At the same time, the battery used by these e cigs is high in terms of quality and undoubtedly long lasting in nature.


4. Green Smoke reviews have also stated that this brand offers various kinds of starter kits, which in turn are triple-sealed to ensure complete freshness at all times. The cartomizer technology used here is also very superior in nature.


5. Last but not the least, Green Smoke e cigs are completely devoid of  smoke and ash, which in turn are considered symbolic to regular cigarettes. At the same time, these e cigarettes are really easy to use and they are also very easy to maintain.


It is owing to the above mentioned reasons that GreenSmoke manages to retain its berth amongst the top five electronic cigarette brands available in the international market. At the same time, it has also been found that smokers are always provided with numerous options by this brand. These options are in terms of discounted sales, new starter kits, improved cartridges and longer lasting batteries.