An electronic cigarette is a device which is completely free from tobacco and yet it has the ability to provide the nicotine hit which smokers are always on the lookout for. It is also a well known fact that electronic cigarette are made in such a unique manner that they allow the end user to relish the nicotine hit without forcing the concerned individual to release thousands of highly toxic chemicals in the air. This is made possible with the aid of the technologically advanced manufacturing procedure which is currently being adopted by electronic cigarette brand manufacturers the world over. The lack of second hand smoke in an e cigarette makes it a most wanted variety the world over and is preferred by people from all walks of lives.

Without a shadow of a doubt, an electric cigarette has several components, yet the most important component is the special e-liquid, which allows the end user to relish the taste without having to endanger his health in any manner. It needs to be noted that smoking regular cigarettes is undoubtedly an act which can be compared with committing a hideous crime with your own health. In simpler words, when you smoke a single cigarette, you are exposing your body to over 4000 highly toxic chemicals, which in turn are released from a regular cigarette on a constant basis. This in turn has the ability to harm your body by causing several fatal diseases such as cancer and chronic cardiac troubles.

The e liquid is nothing but liquefied nicotine solution, which in turn permits you to feel the “kick” when you puff on an e cig. Most e liquid solutions are made from propylene glycol solution and some of them use glycerin as their base. In case the smokers aspires to inhale nicotine, then that too is incorporated in the e liquid solution. The strength of nicotine varies and smoking enthusiasts have a choice of selecting an electric cigarette which has zero strength nicotine and an e cig which has an eighteen milligram content of nicotine in it. While there are several flavors available with regards to the nicotine solution in an e cig, the most favored ones are chocolate, coffee as well as menthol flavors.


In case you happen to be a smoker who prefers low doses of nicotine then you can easily opt for an e liquid which offers strength in between 6mg to 8mg of nicotine content. Medium strength e liquids are available in the nicotine strength ranging from 8mg to 12mgs. In case you happen to belong to the category of high smokers then you should opt for the high dose e liquid wherein the nicotine strength is in between 16mg to 18mgs. Last but not the least, for the heavy smoker, the suggested nicotine strength in an e cigarette cartridge would be between 24mgs to 36mgs.

While some manufacturers do include polyethylene glycol 400 in their base, the fact remains that these solutions are completely safe and undoubtedly healthier than the content which is present in a regular tobacco filled cigarette. This is undoubtedly the main reason why smokers in their millions have started to puff on an electronic cigarette nowadays, after having quit smoking regular cigarettes permanently.