Electronic Cigarettes Inc is an e cigarette manufacturing brand that has always been a hot favorite of smokers from all over the world. While this electronic cigarette brand has always been in the limelight because it has several kinds of starter kits as well as e cig accessories to offer to smokers, one of the main reasons why it is amongst the top ten electric cigarette brands in the world is because it is always launching a new product. These new launches are undertaken keeping in mind the demands put down by smokers. Hence, Premium e cigs always manages to satisfy the requirements of its loyal smoking fan base.

E Cigs Inc Smokepass Disposables

This electronic cigarette manufacturer has once again shot into fame with the launching of its smokeless disposables. Also known as Smoke Pass disposable electric cigarettes, these disposables are being considered a class apart from the rest, especially when it comes to discussing their overall performance as well as vapor volume. According to the company spokespersons, each disposable electronic cigarette under this category is capable of providing puffs that are equivalent to two packs of regular cigarettes. In this section, you have the distinct advantage of opting for a single e cigarette, which in turn costs a meager $4.50. You can also opt for a pack of four e cigs, priced at $20 or you can always choose the pack of 20 disposables, pegged at $75.

The Smoke Pass e cigs are priced lower than what they were initially intended for and you can save considerable amount of dollars if you opt for them. Nonetheless, this is a limited time offer that would pass very soon. Hence, it is advisable that those smokers, who wish to use disposables as they are usually on the move, should ideally grab these discounted packs because the full priced versions are back. Even Premium E Cigs Inc review has stated that smokers have a chance of saving from $5 to $124, depending upon the kind of SmokePass disposable pack that you choose. Electronic cigarette reviews at Tech-Cigarette too have praised the launch of these e cigarettes, as they are a handy device for those smokers who are constantly traveling.