The regulation of electronic cigarettes in the state of California has raised several eyebrows and it has also caused a stir amongst those smokers who aspire to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and adopt a more suitable smoking alternative. According to the proposed bill, an e cigarette should be liable to be placed in the same category as regular cigarettes and hence, the rules against such smokeless devices need to be similar to the rules that are being applied towards tobacco cigarettes. While this does sound a bit too stern and this statement is not being liked by smoking enthusiasts the world over, the fact remains that such a proposal has indeed been passed on by the Californian legislation.

California E Cigarette Ban

It is interesting to note that when you are eating in a restaurant and you notice another individual dining in the same restaurant and violating the rules by merely smoking a cigarette, you feel compelled to go ahead and complain to the restaurant authorities. Nonetheless, you are in for a shock when you realize that the fellow diner was actually puffing an electronic cigarette and not a tobacco filled cigarette and therefore, he was permitted to smoke this device within the safe confined of the dining hall. The main reason why smokers are permitted to puff e cigarettes in public places is owing to the complete absence of second hand smoke that always emits from regular cigarettes.

Nonetheless, with the initiation of the Senate Bill 648 that has been initiated by senator Ellen Corbett would make it impossible for smoking enthusiasts to smoke an electric cigarette in public places, which in turn implies that you can no longer smoke cigarettes within playgrounds, restaurants, shopping malls and while traveling in public transport. In fact, the Californian bill would also lay stringent restrictions on the advertisement of e cigs in the region. According to the senator, the main reason behind the restrictions of electronic cigarette usage in public places in California was the findings of metal components in these smokeless devices during several studies that have been conducted on this product.

One of the main reasons behind the implementation of this bill in California was to ensure consistent regulation, which in turn would deter smokers from making use of e cigs as a suitable alternative to regular cigarettes. While the ruling went in favor of this legislation by 21 to 10 votes, the fact remains that many people within the house were of the opinion that electric cigarettes was a better option as it could help smokers steer clear of the highly toxic tobacco cigarettes.