As per the FDA, it should be made mandatory to coax tobacco manufacturers to reveal their ingredient list on their packs, in its complete entirety. One of the main reasons why the Food and Drug Administration in the United States initiated this drive was to ensure that children are spared of the wrath of tobacco products. As time passes, lesser number of children should be smoking cigarettes. Draft guidance documents have been prepared by the Food and Drug Administration to ensure that consumers are revealed the true ingredients incorporated in regular cigarettes. Apparently, as of now, only two such documents have been drafted by the FDA. Nonetheless, they are adequate for educating consumers regarding the ingredient list in their tobacco cigars.

In the first document, the tobacco companies need to reveal the list of all the harmful ingredients, which they are using while manufacturing cigarettes. Along with this list, tobacco companies need to also reveal the actual quantity of harmful chemicals that are being used. The Food and Drug Administration has identified ninety three potentially harmful chemicals that are used in tobacco cigarettes. Hence, going forward, tobacco manufacturers would need to disclose each and every ingredient that is being used in the manufacturing procedure of a regular cigarette. Earlier, this procedure was not being followed by the tobacco companies and hence, consumers were being kept in the dark.

Nonetheless, it has also been reported that the FDA feels that tobacco companies may not be able to meet the deadlines of the HPHC reporting, owing to which only 20 HPHC’s have been drafted, which need to be showcased by the tobacco manufacturers in the initial phase. This would take place effective April the 13’th, wherein the ingredient list would be made available to the consumer. The list needs to be compiled in such a fashion that it comes across as consumer friendly in nature. The second document is for the advertisement of these tobacco products. The present advertising gimmick, which bluffs smokers by stating that the modified cigarettes are safe for use, would need to be removed completely.

Advertisements stating that modified tobacco products reduce the risk of chronic ailments would need to be stopped. No such claim shall be tolerated or permitted by the FDA. According to the Department of Health and Human Services in the United States, tobacco products are the leading cause of deaths, which fall under the preventable category. Over forty six million people in the United States are known to smoke cigarettes, which in turn imply that 20.6% of all adults in the US smoke cigarettes. It has also been revealed that over 1000 people, who are below the age of 18 years, start to smoke cigarettes on a daily basis in the United States. In fact, almost 443,000 deaths in the US are caused by tobacco smoking, which in turn implies that one in every five people in the United States lose their lives because of cigarettes.

Owing to this very reason, more and more chain smokers have been known to quit smoking and opt for an electronic cigarette instead. An electric cigarette is a tobacco free device and hence, it is safer that regular cigarettes. Besides, e cigarettes can be puffed in public places. An e cig is also cheaper than tobacco cigars.