It was in the year 2009, when Smoking Everywhere Inc. filed a legal complaint against the FDA with regards to the government organization trying to impose a ban on electronic cigarettes by deeming them in the same category as tobacco cigarettes. As per Smoking Everywhere Inc. the FDA had indeed overstepped its authority in trying to impose regulations on tobacco products, and including electric cigarettes in the same category, when the congress clearly stated that FDA does not have the power to do so. It has also been brought to light by the Smoking Everywhere Inc that e cigarettes were rated as drugs by the FDA and it was suggested they needed this government agency’s approval before they could actually be regularized. All these, as per Smoking Everywhere Inc, were inaccurate and inappropriate allegations.

Njoy was the second brand of electronic cigarettes which filed the same complaint against the FDA. They were apparently following the footsteps of Smoking Everywhere Inc. The FDA was quick to react and filed a brief against the complaints lodged by these two electric cigarette manufactures. FDA argued that e cigs were indeed products that can be labeled under the drug category. Then followed the Brown Court regulation according to which, the FDA does not have the right to regulate nicotine related products. At the same time, the FDA was granted the authority to regulate tobacco products. Nonetheless, the Leon court allowed both Njoi and Smoking Everywhere Inc. to import their products and sell them in the United States without any kind of obstruction from the FDA.

The Washington Legal Foundation on March 31, 2010, clearly stated their support for the two electronic cigarette brands. This was a big boost to the e cig industry. Regardless of the results, e cigarettes are bound to suffer. In case they are branded as tobacco products then although they cannot be banned by the FDA, lots of regulations can be placed upon this product. Some of these may include reduction in the existing nicotine levels and the absence of flavors being used in cartridges. On the other hand, if the court rules that the electric cigarettes are indeed a device which helps chain smokers quit smoking, then the FDA can easily ban e cigarettes and require them to furnish proof that they are actually manufacturing products which have medicinal value. This is a time taking procedure and involves considerable costs with regards to research studies etc.

Nonetheless, electronic cigarettes have helped millions of chain smokers to quit smoking regular cigarettes and adopt safer alternatives. They have also helped reduce environmental pollution by minimizing emissions via smoke. At the same time, the levels of carcinogens in e cigs are negligible when compared to the carcinogens found in tobacco cigarettes.

So, if you also want to get your hands on the best electronic cigarette brands and join the crusade against a tobacco free world, switch to e cigarettes instead of the regular ones TODAY.