Cigarette smoking has always been considered to be an activity that needs to be done away with. Apparently, people are so hooked onto smoking cigarettes that they simply cannot hope to quit smoking regardless of how hard they try in trying to quit smoking. While tobacco cigarette is known to cause several health related ailments, another damaging act which results from cigarette smoking that people may not be aware off is fires caused by smoldering cigarette butts. In the United States alone, it has been ascertained that one on every four deaths owing to fire are directly linked to cigarette smoking. It is also interesting to note that while fires are being drastically reduced in the United States, the cases of fires being caused owing to cigarettes is on the rise. This is undoubtedly an alarming fact, which needs to be tackled at the earliest given opportunity.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, it has been revealed that the total number of fires being caused by cigarettes has indeed risen by over 19% in a relatively short time span. It has also been revealed that New York happens to be the only city that has managed to obtain a certification which permits the city authorities to stop people from throwing lit cigarettes in the streets or public places. This is done in a bid to stop people from starting a fire, which apparently is an accidental case. Apparently, New York has instructed cigarette manufacturers to ensue that all cigarettes that are sold within the state premises are self extinguishable and that over 75% of them should be able to get extinguished as and when the user throws them away.

As per the president of the National Fire Protection Association, James M. Shannon, “Fires owing to cigarettes are undoubtedly a major contributor to unnecessary deaths and need to be contained at the earliest given opportunity. To be able to reduce the instances of fires owing to smoking, the burning time of a cigarette needs to be reduced drastically.” As per the National Fire Protection Association, most fires were caused not because the concerned smoker fell asleep while smoking cigarettes but because someone simply threw a lit cigarette in an area which was conducive to catching fire. Apparently, most fires initiated by cigarettes were owing to the fact that the concerned smoker was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which in turn impaired his mental ability to foresee this threat. It has also been ascertained that people above the age of 64 years were more susceptible to die owing to cigarette fires as compared to younger people.

While cigarette fires cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, it also leads to several avoidable deaths. It has also been noticed that people from all walks of lives simply avoid smoking regular cigarette but are unable to quit owing to the strong addiction properties a cigarette possesses. In fact, it has also been noticed that millions of chain smokers are now making a permanent switch to smoking an electronic cigarette, as this device is smokeless and does not cause fire. In fact, an e cigarette to free from tobacco and hence, it is supposedly ideal for the overall health of an individual. In fact, according to a recent survey, a majority of regular smokers are of the opinion that electric cigarettes are the only permanent solution to obtaining a healthier body and containing the incidences of fire.