The lure of a free electronic cigarette is quite strong and many people from across the globe succumb to the pressure of obtaining a free electronic cigarette as it involves no monetary cost. Nonetheless, the fact remains that a free E Cigarette is best avoided at all costs and instead, you should opt for a paid E Cig which is trustworthy and healthy for your body. So why avoid something free? Let us read through the article and find out:

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Free E Cigarette Is Faulty

You are well aware that a cheap electronic cigarette is best avoided. The main reason is that manufacturers are selling an E Cig at a low price because they wish to make money despite selling a spurious product. Hence, cheap electronic cigarettes are fake and best avoided. If you are getting an E Cig for free, you can be rest assured that it is faulty and would prove harmful for your health. Hence, you need to avoid it at all costs.

The Quality Is Compromised

Without a shadow of a doubt, the quality of a free E cigarette is compromised. Each person who sells a product is a businessman and he is certainly not doing business for charity. The main aim of a businessman is to make money. Unless and until he is able to make money out of the deal by extracting your personal information such as your social security number and your credit card information, he would not be giving off such a cherished object like an E Cigarette for free.

The Health Hazards

Whenever you are getting lured by the offer of a free electronic cigarette, you are getting trapped in the act. It needs to be fully understood that the concerned manufacturer who is selling such a hot selling commodity for free is certainly compromising on the overall quality of the product. You need to therefore avoid getting lured into consuming a product which may prove fatal for your health. Always check the list of ingredients which the manufacturer is incorporating in his electronic cigarette. If even a single ingredient is not rated completely, seek an answer from the customer service department effective immediately.

Why Free When You Can Pay

While it is really cool to obtain a freebie, why should you accept a free product when you have the capacity to pay for it? In simple words, you need to respect yourself and avoid stooping so low that you hunt for free objects. The sole purpose of your earning money is to take care of your expenses and buy the stuff you require. So, live up to it and avoid accepting freebies  as it shall weigh against a wholesome personality.

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