As per the latest reports, several regions in the United States are awaiting the judgment which is to be passed with regards to the proposed depiction of extremely graphic labels on the packets of cigarettes. In one of the labels, it was depicted that a corpse was sewn and that corpse happened to be a chain smoker who had succumbed to the dangerous tobacco smoke. The second picture depicts the image of a pair of lungs which appear diseased and are simply not worth taking a close look at. As per the federal government authorities, the main reason why such labels need to be placed onto the packs of regular cigarettes is because smoking regular cigarettes is fatal and can easily take the life of the concerned individual. This is why such an act is being pressed into action and is demanding prompt action on the part of the concerned US authorities.


Attorneys generals numbering twenty four in all are known to have filed a petition supporting the inclusion of such graphic labels on the packets of regular cigarettes. This went on to show that these attorneys were in complete support of the proposed policies that had been approved and recommended by the Food and Drug Administration authorities. Nonetheless, it is also very correct to state that people from all walks of lives simply could not wait to see the final result of this legal petition, which apparently holds enough weight to put a stranglehold on the sales of the deadly tobacco cigarettes.

If these graphic labels are to be permitted and then placed onto the packs of regular cigarettes, the fact remains that people from all walks of lives, especially chain smokers, would have an idea with regards to the dangers which a cigarette could cause to the human body. As awareness levels would increase, the chances of people accepting regular cigarettes as a way of life would diminish and perhaps even cease to exist. Apparently, no smoker would like to suffer the same fate that has been depicted in cigarette packs, no matter how addicted he/she happens to be with cigarettes. A month ago, a petition filed by a few leading tobacco manufacturers which included Lorillard Tobacco Co. as well as R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. was given a green signal by a district judge and henceforth, such explicit labels on the packs of cigarettes were not permitted to be incorporated onto the packs.


It should also be noted that the same judge went on to state that in the coming year, cigarette manufacturers had a great chance to succeeded against the proposed inclusion of graphic labels on the packs of regular cigarettes. Apparently, the main reason why the judge passed such a statement was because in accordance to his judgment, such a law clearly violated the freedom of speech enjoyed by the cigarette manufacturing fraternity. Nonetheless, as per the Food and Drug Administration authority, the display of various chronic ailments, which were in sync with the consumption of regular cigarettes, was much more important than the free speech rights enjoyed by tobacco manufacturers. After all, the FDA simply wishes to make people aware of the deadly dangers associated with smoking regular cigarettes.

It was in the year June last year that a court in the United States, agreed to allow graphic labels on the packs of cigarettes. As per the ruling that was passed in June by the judge, incorporation of graphic labels on half the pack of cigarettes is justified and can be included in the top half or the top bottom portions of the cigarette packs. As per the attorneys, the simple statutory warning, which was imprinted onto the cigarette packs and was supposed to have been used in the past 40 years, was simply not of any use as smokers did not pay heed to these labels. Henceforth, it has been strongly recommended by the FDA to have tobacco manufacturing companies incorporate these newly proposed graphic labels in their cigarette packs, so that they could actually convince smokers to pay attention to the chronic health issues that are related to smoking cigarettes on a regular basis.

While the incorporation of graphic labels is a suitable solution to the rising menace caused by regular cigarettes, another solution is in the form of electronic cigarettes. As compared to regular cigarettes, an e cigarette is completely devoid of tobacco and it is also relatively free from the offensive second hand smoke. At the same time, an electric cigarette can be smoked anywhere and it is comparatively much cheaper when compared to the price of a regular cigarette.