In the United States, a court blocked an attempt to include extreme graphic warnings, which was supposed to be plastered on the pack of regular cigarette packs.  Apparently, this decision is not being liked by the anti smoking community for the very simple reason that the court simply did not take a strict action against tobacco companies. It is a well known fact that tobacco happens to be a silent killer and it is known to cause several chronic ailments such as cancer, cardiac arrests as well as several chronic respiratory disorders, which are fatal in nature.

graphic labeles on cigarette packs

The court on the other hand was of the opinion that it had to uphold the basic rights of the tobacco companies as well, which was in sync with the first amendment rights enjoyed by tobacco companies. As per the FDA, labels that are depicting a smokers smoking through the aid of a tracheotomy hole or the image of blackened lungs or a man smoking at an autopsy table, would help smoking enthusiasts understand the dangers associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes.

If such labels are allowed to be circulated on the packs of cigarettes, the chances are that by the year 2013, over two hundred thousand smokers would be deterred from smoking cigarettes, which in turn would save the US government $630 million, in the form of health care expenditure, spanning over the next twenty years. Apparently, these labels were to be released early next year and were supposed to be the first lot of graphic labels to have been implemented after a gap of 25 years.

Richard J. Leon, the district court judge in the United States, stated that such labels were misleading in nature as they provided factual information which was also controversial in nature and that these labels should not be used until the lawsuit is resolved completely. FDA is of the opinion that this lawsuit would be resolved by the Supreme Court now. While the court rulings need to be taken as final, the fact remains that until and unless people are made aware of the dangers of smoking cigarettes, they would continue to smoke and suffer miserably.

When the debate revolves around smoking, then instead of smoking regular cigarettes, health experts are of the opinion that smokers should smoke electronic cigarettes instead. This is because e cigarettes are free from tobacco and they are also smokeless in nature. Besides, when compared to smoking regular cigarettes, they are far cheaper as well.